Wild Rift: Important things to know before playing the game

One of the most anticipated mobile games of 2020, Wild Rift has been developed by Riot Games. As discussed before, Riot Games has announced that the alpha test of the game will be available in June. We are a week away from the month of June. It is almost time for the launch of the Alpha test. Here are some important things to know before playing Wild Rift.

League of Legends Wild Rift

1. Selecting Champions

Unlike other MOBAs like Mobile Legends, League of Legends has different game mechanics. Most of the players prefer to pick up the type of heroes as their roles. Picking up lanes does not matter much in Mobile Legends. However, in League of Legends, selecting heroes is always according to the lane. The roles that a champion plays are selected according to the lane that you opt to play. The heroes and the items have been designed in specific role-oriented ways.

Note: There may be a tank that can actually also play a lane. However, this does not mean that all the tanks can play the lanes. In the same way, some fighters can never jungle because there passive does not activate while attacking the creeps. This means that the capabilities of heroes are very specific. A player should select a hero only according to the role he chooses to play.

2. Farming (Last Hitting)

Unlike other popular MOBAs on mobile, in League of legends, it is very important for last hitting the minions. This is because in League of legends, if you miss the last hit on a minion, you miss the gold. However, in Mobile Legends, you earn some gold even if you fail to last hit. This means that the final hit of the hero should kill the minion. Otherwise, it will not earn you any gold or XP. This is the only way of farming in lanes in League of Legends.

3. Spells

League of Legends allows a player to pick up two spells. On the other hand, a player chooses only one battle spell in Mobile Legends. Thus, it is extremely important to know about picking up spells in LoL. There are spells that suit specific roles. Thus, you need to be extra careful while picking up spells. For example, if you do not have the spell “smite” in LoL, you will not be able to buy jungle items from the store.

4. Dragon lane or Barron Lane

This might seem new to players who have never played League of Legends. The PC players of LoL, always play as the Blue team. thus, they can decide on choosing the top or the bottom lane easily. However, the map of Wild Rift for different teams will be the mirrored version of the actual map. The colors make it easy to identify the two lanes.

Everyone will spawn in the bottom left of the map. You always play Left to right on the mobile MOBAs. There is a blue dragon in one of the lanes which indicates that it is the ADC or the Dragon Lane. This lane is for the Marksman(called as ADC in LoL) and support champions. On the other hand, the other lane will indicate a purple Barron which means that you are going to the Barron lane. Barron lane is for the Solo/Top Lane champions.

These were some of the important things to know before playing Wild Rift. More detailed guides will be published soon!

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