Vainglory All Stars pre-registration and release date

Vainglory All Stars is a new game from Super Evil Megacorp. A new studio called “Bazooka Tango” has been announced by them, which has already managed to raise $2.5 million. After a hit title “Vainglory”, the developers are keen to expand their universe with a new Brawler game. Let us talk about Vainglory All Stars pre-registration and release date.

About Vainglory All Stars

Vainglory All Stars is 3v3 brawler game which may be similar to “Brawl Stars”, a game by Supercell. However, this new title from Bazooka Tango features heroes from “Vainglory” which already has a large player base. Vainglory All Stars has been setup in the Vainglory universe itself. We can clearly see the image featuring “Saw” as well as “Fortress” from Vainglory.

Bazooka Tango will be the studios behind publishing “Vainglory All Stars”. This studio has been started by Bo Daly and Stephen Sherman, who left Super Evil Megacorp last year. Even though it is a startup, this team has experienced members from great studios. Thus, we can expect a good title from them.

Pre-registration and release date

Vainglory All Stars has started accepting pre-registration on its site. Interested players can pre-register the game from the link below:

Additionally, the Beta version of the game has already released in Brazil on Android Devices. So if you are from Brazil, click on the link below to download:

Sadly, there is no official announcement of the release date so far, however, the game is expected to release globally later this year. We will make sure to update you as soon as any information is available.

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