Three Kingdoms: Raja Chaos is now available

A new strategy game from Gacraze is based on the history of Three Kingdoms with hundreds of cities. The main aim is to conquer all these kingdoms by playing along with your guild. Three Kingdoms: Raja Chaos is now available to download for iOS and Android devices.

About Three Kingdoms: Raja Chaos

The all-new game takes you to the historic times of Three Kingdoms. You can build your own city and recruit heroes. The aim is to occupy the capital “Luo Yang” in order to end the chaos period. Several classic Three Kingdom heroes can be recruited including Guan Yu, Lu Bu, Zhuge Liang, and several others.

The game allows you to upgrade the heroes and build the army of your dream. Apart from recruiting soldiers and heroes, this game allows you to Research and study technologies, and use your intelligence to become the most powerful lord in the Three Kingdom’s world.

Just like the ancient world, if you and your guild succeed to conquer a city, Taxes can be collected from the people residing in the city. The game’s description says:

– Exciting World Battle-
Present the original Three Kingdoms World Battle. You and your guild will fight with other warlords for cities. Occupy Capital City “Luo Yang” to be the new King!

Now Available

So are you ready to become the King by occupying the capital “Luo Yang”? Jump right into the game today and start strategizing. Three Kingdoms: Raja Chaos is now available to download:

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