StoneAge World Release Date has been announced

One of the most anticipated MMORPG from Netmarble finally got a release date. Earlier, we informed you about StoneAge World pre-registration details. Now, the release date of StoneAge World has been announced. The game will release on 17th June 2020, for both iOS and Android devices.

About StoneAge World

A new MMO role-playing game developed by Netmarbles will take you back to the stone age. This game is based on pre-historic times where dinosaurs roam around. A player has to play the role of a trainer and develop an army of pets. There is a wide variety of pets ranging from pigs to dinosaurs. Thus, a player can choose to train an army of pets that includes all of these pets.

There are around 250 pets offered in the game. All of these can be unlocked over time. All of these pets can be trained and battle-formations can be customized in order to win. Apart from this, a player can explore the game’s world that is known as Tectonika. A player has to fight against a more advanced civilization for defending the game’s world.

StoneAge World Release Date

There are various rewards up fr grabs for pre-registering the game. We have already talked about the various pre-registration rewards in our earlier article. Thus, if you want to have a more detailed look at all the rewards, click here.

As mentioned earlier, the release date for StoneAge world has finally be announced. The game is all set to hit the iOS and Android stores on 17th July 2020. It is a free-to-play game set in the pre-historic times.

Thus, if you are interested in exploring the StoneAge world, you can download the game from the stores after its launch:

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