StoneAge world is now available for pre-registration offering some in-game rewards

A new MMORPG game from NetMarbles will take you back to the pre-historic times. As the name mentions, the game takes you to the stone-age where dinosaurs roam around. The all-new game “StoneAge World” is now available for pre-registration on iOS and Android devices.

About StoneAge World

The game is based on a pre-historic world where you have various dinosaurs as your pets. Apart from dinosaurs, various other pets can also be captured as your pets. In “StoneAge world“, you play the role of a trainer where you have to train various kinds of pets. You have to train them so that they become stronger and then you can also customize your battle-formations in order to win.

At the launch, the game will feature around 250 pets for you to acquire and train. You have to defend the game’s world which is called “Tectonika” by defeating a more technologically advanced civilization. When you get tired of fighting, you can simply join your tribe for a party of barbecue.

Launch Rewards

The game is offering various in-game rewards for its launch:

  • 1,000,000 Stones (Main Currency for pre-registration through the website)
  • 50,000 Shells (Premium Currency for pre-registration through the iOS or Android stores)
  • A hatched pet at launch (By sharing news of this event on Facebook)

The pre-registration rewards are exclusive. Grab them today!

StoneAge World Pre-registration

The all-new MMORPG game from NetMarbles, StoneAge is now available for pre-registration. Pre-register StoneAge World now:

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