Spine: A Cross-Platform Fighting Game

The makers of Shadow Fight have announced their latest title “Spine” which is a cyberpunk fighting game. It is being developed by Nekki and Banzai Games. Spine is a cross-platform fighting game that is currently under development. It will be available on PC, Consoles and mobile devices.

About Spine

Spine is a 3v3 multiplayer fighting game that will offer different characters. The game revolves around an advanced artificial intelligence technology that connects to the spinal cord of the human body and controls every muscle. This AI system will allow the players to test their reflex skills, reaction time, and accuracy.

According to the game, the main weapon in the world has been split into two different sides in “Spine”. These sides may be opposite factions, but, they are within Spine’s own roster of characters. All the characters have been designed with unique abilities and fighting styles which makes the game strategic.

Teamwork comes into play when there are characters having different abilities in a game. In Spine, you can team up with two different players and fight against three opponents. The skills of all the players will be tested in their own individual capabilities.

Release Date

There is no information on the release date of the game. However, we know that Spine is a cross-platform fighting game and will be available on PC, consoles, and Mobile devices. The game is under development and is expected to release any time soon. However, the teaser has been released and it is enough to attract the playerss who enjoy playing fighting games.

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