Smash Legends community group test is now live

A new game from the developer “5minilab“, smash legends is a multiplayer action game that will release for the mobile devices in 2021. The publisher of this title is Line Games which is a South Korean company. Smash Legends community group test is now live and it will run for only a limited time till May 18, 2020. This test is currently only for iOS devices.

About Smash Legends

Smash Legends may look similar to Nintendo’s hit series “Super Smash Ball”. This game includes some features from Super Smash Ball and also has many new unique features of its own. The game is being optimized for mobile devices.

Smash Legends is a 3v3 game where the main aim is to knock out the opponents of the battlefield. The HP of all the players will be visible to everyone, which will allow players to strategize and play. Apart from this, there may be other game modes that support 2v2 action. This includes Team deathmatch and capture point.

About the community group test

Smash Legends “community group test” is now live and will be available for one week till May 18, 2020. This test is however available for iOS devices only as of now. For more information on how to register visit the website:

Sadly, there is no news about the android devices yet. However, we will make sure to inform you as soon as there is any information regarding the same.

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