Rumble Hockey Review: A great time killer?

A new animal sports game from Frogmind Studios, Rumble Hockey has hit the stores. It is also called as the sibling of the popular “Rumble Stars”. As mentioned in the previous article, Rumble Hockey was globally released on May 19, 2020. Without further ado, let us jump to the Rumble Hockey review.

About Rumble Hockey

Rumble Hockey is a PvP multiplayer game that is based on Hockey. The core concept of the game is to score 3 goals. The player who scores 3 goals first, wins the game. The game feels like Ice Hockey but with several changes. Rumble Hockey requires a strategy to win, unlike a normal ice hockey game. However, the game can also be played casually for having fun. It can easily help you to kill time.

Frogmind Studios started working on “Rumble Hockey” as soon as “Rumble Stars” was released. The game has many features which include but are not limited to:
1. Using combos to outwit the opponents.
2. Building your own Strategy while choosing the Rumblers Lineup. (This can be game-changing)
3. Building up decks and upgrading cards which will increase the abilities of the rumblers.
4. Building up and Joining Clubs which can be helpful to discuss strategies.
5. Weekly Events which can win you special rewards.


The game has a goalie, and other players like a defender, a striker, a passer, and some other additional cards. The goalkeeper or the Goalie is the only player that is available to everyone without using the energy. Every other card needs to be deployed strategically for scoring a goal. These cards cost energy which recharges with time in the game.

All of these cards posses unique abilities. There are some “Superstar” rumblers that are stronger than the normal rumblers. These “Superstar” rumblers also cost more energy than the normal ones. This, in turn, balances the game.

There are various cards with their own unique abilities. Various combos can be tried out and discovered to outwit your opponent over the period of time. Different cards can perform different combos. This skill can be mastered and be used to win over opponents. You can upgrade the cards with the in-game gold which can be earned over time by playing the game. These upgrades are available when you find the cards from chests which is earned by winning a game.


Rumble Hockey is a great Time killer. You can have fun and strategize at the same time while playing this game. Thus, this game can be played both casually and competitively. The visuals are simple and effective while the gameplay is extremely “smooth”. Other additional factors to note are:
1) The wait time for finding a match is less than 5 seconds on average. Every time you click on “Play”, it searches a match for you in approximately 3-4 seconds.
2) The game runs well on lower-end devices as well. Thus, everyone can play this game. (Android version 5.0+, and Apple iOS 10.0+)
3) Also, the game worked descent with a not-so-stable Internet connection. Therefore you should not be worried about it being an online game.

Download the Game Today

If you are looking for a good strategic fun-to-play game, you can definitely try Rumble Hockey. Download the game Now:

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