Rumble Hockey pre-registration, release date and more

Rumble Hockey is a new animal sports game by Frogmind studios, called as “sibling” to the popular Rumble Stars. This new game had soft-launched for iOS and Android devices in some selected countries in the past week. The game has now been made available for pre-registration on Android devices. Rumble Hockey will launch globally on the 19th of May, 2020 for both iOS and Android platforms.

About the launch

A “Hockey” version of the popular game “Rumble Stars” was announced by Frogmind studios earlier. The new game will be called “Rumble Hockey” which is a sibling to the game “Rumble Stars”. The footballs and the pitches will be swapped with the pucks and ice rinks.

It seems like, Frogmind studios was always interested in making an ice hockey game. This is because “Rumble Stars” was itself started as an ice hockey game during the development phase. As soon as “Rumble Stars” was released, Frogmind studios started working on the new game titled “Rumble Hockey”.


As seen in the trailer, all the characters are mostly from Rumble Stars except, they hold a hockey stick now. The characters will function in the same way as Rumble Stars. However, as stated by the studio, Rumble Hockey will be a more fast-paced game when compared to Rumble Stars. The goalie or the goalkeeper will also behave differently in the new game.

Additionally, this new game will feature bigger arenas and different physics which will require the players to use different types of combos alongside using the Rumble Stars combos that they are already accustomed to.

Rumble Hockey is now available for pre-registration on Android devices. Rumble Hockey pre-registration:

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