Rogue Heist on MPL: Everything you need to know

A Mumbai based game developer “Lifelike Studios“, has developed a new title called “Rogue Heist”. The game is based on guns and money heist. The game will be a free-to-play title and will be available in the stores at a later date. However, it has been announced that before releasing on any other platform, Rogue heist will first be available on MPL exclusively.

About MPL

MPL or Mobile Premier League is an online platform that offers various games for its users. There are various games including fantasy sport, quiz, and more. This platform allows the users not just to play the games but to win real cash for playing and winning mobile games.

Some of the popular game titles that MPL offers include Garena’s Free Fire, Pool, Chess, Quiz, Ludo, Rummy, Poker, and many more. It can be noted that MPL is one of the largest mobile gaming and eSports platforms in India. MPL already has over 40 million users registered in different types of mobile games.

About Rogue Heist

Rogue heist is an intense and competitive third-person shooter game for mobile devices. It offers various game modes like heist mode, brawl, and Gang war. Heist mode is a 5v5 gaming mode, where both the team’s eye for the same loot in the game. This is where the action begins in Rogue Heist.

In Brawl Mode, each player enters as a solo competitor and tries to transfer the largest virtual sum into his account in the game. A player has two options- either to survive or risk it all for looting the largest virtual sum. The Gang War is kind of a Team Death Match mode where the first team scoring 50 kills within 7 minutes wins the game.

MPL and Rogue Heist

PUBG Mobile has a large player base in India. Now, Rogue heist is being called as the “competitor” of PUBG Mobile in India. The Brawl mode of Rogue Heist will be available to play in the MPL platform. Each game will last up to seven minutes in which all the 10 players battle in order to steal the maximum amount of money.

In order to make Rogue Heist an eSport, MPL has decided to make a leaderboard system for the game. The players can convert the virtual money in the game to real cash when played on MPL platforms. In order to make it compatible with the MPL app, the developers have reduced the size of the game from 1.5 GB to 450 MB. This was one of the biggest challenges for the team: The CEO of Lifelike studios said.

Global Release

Sadly, there is no confirmation on a particular date fr the global release of Rogue Heist. We know that Rogue Heist will be released globally for both iOS and Android platforms, later this year. For now, the Android users can pre-register the beta version of the game on the google play store.
Pre-register now:

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