Rocket League: Coming to Mobile Devices?

Rocket League is a soccer game, developed by Psyonix. It was released back in 2015 on PC and PlayStation 4. The game later expanded to other platforms like Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Psyonix is an American gaming studio that was acquired by Epic Games. Let’s jump straight into the rumors that Rocket League might be coming to mobile devices.

About the Rumors

On May 5, 2020, Psyonix made an announcement on twitter. This leads the community to think that Rocket League might be coming to Mobile Devices. However, there was no direct hint regarding the mobile version of the game. The tweet was regarding recruitment for various positions. The Tweet:

If you dig deep inside the recruitment news, Psyonix is also looking for “Dev QA Tester“. The requirements of this position lead to rumors. Two of those requirements state:

  1. 1+ years of mobile game testing experience.
  2. Solid knowledge of: QA methodologies, terminology, and tools. Consoles or multiple mobile hardware platforms and configurations; iOS and Android.

Also, the first responsibility of this position states:

  1. Test the functionality and usability of console or iOS and Android application.

You can check the full requirements in the official website.

Rounding Up

There are three different points regarding a mobile game. Thus, we can assume that the developers are working on the mobile version of the game. Otherwise, why would they need mobile game testers?

However, it can be noted that there is no official announcement regarding the Mobile game from the developers yet. Thus, these are just rumors that arise from the requirements of a new position in the company. We are expecting the mobile version of the game to be announced soon. But, let’s not assume any more things until the official information arrives.

If we get any information regarding the same, we will make sure to update it here.

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