Retro Drive is now available for iOS devices

As the name suggests, Retro Drive is an arcade racing game with retro thrills and great synthwave soundtracks. The game is developed by Retro Drive Studio Ltd.(Indie-games). This racing game is all set to provide the retro feels along with amazing sound tracks to the players. Retro Drive is now available on iOS devices.

About Retro Drive

The game follows a story of a college kid who has been held up after class and needs to reach his friends as soon as possible who are already out partying. The game’s description says:

“Retro Drive is a driving game with a cool retro 80s vibe. The style and feel of the game derives from the Retro Wave aesthetic, referencing iconic elements such as neon glows, muscle cars, speedsters and of course 80s references.”

This clearly suggests that this game is an arcade racer with neon glows and killer soundtracks. This game has been developed by indie-games and is now available to play after 2-years under development.

Contents of the Game

The game will offer 10 different levels(8 currently) offering tricky challenges. In fact, all of these levels have their own story to tell. Thus, besides being a racing thriller, there are stories to keep the players engaged.

The game is offering two customizable rides(five later) for the players to experience. Apart from this, the game includes Juke Box which allows everyone to listen to all the soundtracks.

Retro Drive is now available on iOS devices. It may soon be available on Android devices as well. Download link for iOS:

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