PUBG Mobile: Fnatic India’s Current roster to see a change after PMPL

Fnatic is one of the largest e-Sports organizations in the world. With the growth of PUBG Mobile in India, Fnatic had stepped in for the first time in the Indian mobile eSports scene. “Xspark” was the team that was picked up by Fnatic for representing the organization in PUBG Mobile. However, recently it has been announced that the PUBG Mobile’s Fnatic India roster will see a change after PUBG Mobile Pro League.

About Fnatic India

Fnatic India is one of the most dominating PUBG Mobile teams. The roster includes some of the best players of PUBG Moile. The organization and the players have a lot of fans in India and also in various parts of the world. However, the fans will not get to see the same roster together playing for Fnatic after PMPL South-Asia 2020.

Fnatic announced on their Instagram handle that PMPL will be the last run of Fnatic with the current roster. After, PMPL gets over a new roster will be announced to represent the organization.

Fnatic’s Announcement

On 23rd May, the organization posted a heart-breaking announcement on their Instagram handle. It clearly states that PUBG Mobile’s Fnatic India roster will be changed after PUBG Mobile Pro League(PMPL).
The official announcement:

We look back at the past months as some of the most proud and important ones in Black and Orange history. We marked the start of our journey in India. During this time, we’ve seen some fantastic players carry the Fnatic crest on their chest. Some moments have been incredible, some less so. But, at the end of the day, we can proudly say that there are now tens of thousands of fans supporting this organization and the players who are signed to us.

With that, all great stories come with challenges, and sometimes we have to make changes in order for each and every player to prosper and become the best they can be. So, it is with both sadness and excitement that we announce that the PMPL will be our last dance with the current lineup. One final ride with the boys who started this journey. This lineup will always be an Emotion. We’ve got nothing but love for each of the players. But, as in many walks of life, the paths of individuals cross permanently. As the PMPL concludes, we will reveal the changes—we hope to see all of you there. We understand that this might upset some of you. But, for 15 years at Fnatic, we’ve created great talent, built fantastic teams and we can still remember every single one whose path crossed with ours. That is why our hashtag is more than a hashtag, it’s a mantra.


Last Ride

The PUBG Mobile Pro League will continue till June 14, 2020. You can enjoy watching the tournament on PUBG Mobile Esports Youtube Channel. This is probably going to be the last time when you can see the current roster of Fnatic India playing in a PUBG Mobile tournament.

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