PUBG Mobile Cheater Kills Point Protection Explained

With the rise in the popularity of PUBG Mobile, players are worried because the number of cheaters has also been increasing in the game. A new feature called PUBG Mobile Cheater Kills point protection has been added to the game.

About Cheater Kills Point Protection

When a player gets killed and realizes that he was killed by a cheater, it may be frustrating and annoying. Someone who is trying hard to push ranks may get killed by a cheater which causes points loss. However, a new feature has been added to the game which will protect your points if you get killed by a cheater.

How does this work?

A new Anti-cheat feature has been added to the game, according to which, if you get killed by a cheater, you wont loose your points. However, the points are sent back to a player who gets killed by a cheater.

This process can be time-taking as the points will be returned to the player only when the software detects that the player was killed by a cheater. Hence, the points may not be added back as quickly as you want. Also, the player will receive a notification about the points protected against a cheater.

Thus, the players need not worry about the points lost because of the cheaters. However, the catch is the points are reverted back to the player only when the system detects cheating. This anti-cheat system will encourage the players who are trying to grind the game.

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