Pokemon GO Battle League Season 2: League Dates, Cups and more

Pokemon GO battle league season 2 is all set to start on 11th May at 1 PM PDT. This season will run until July 13th, 2020. Some technical issues delayed the season 2. However, as soon as the new season starts, players will be able to claim their rewards from the first season.

Expected League Dates

The currently stated dates for the leagues are out but are highly subject to change. The leagues will rotate throughout the season, and the CP limits will increase.

Current Dates: (Subject To Change)

LeagueCP LimitDate
The Great League1500 CP11th May-1st June
The Ultra League2500 CP1st June-22nd June
The Master LeagueNo Limit22nd June-6th July
All 3 of the above6th July-13th July

Additional Details on Pokemon Go Battle League Season 2


The first GO battle League Cup and the Premiere Cup will take place starting from 22nd June after the master league starts and when all the different leagues are available together. However, unlike Master League, the players will not be able to use the Mythical or Legendary Pokemons. These pokemon can be used in the Master league though.

Trainer Battles

A new feature will be included through which, the trainers will be able to initiate the trainer battles via QR code from anywhere in the globe. Also, for trainer battle with friends, the friendship level requirement will be lowered (Good Friends and Great Friends). Also, some attacks have been updated in the trainer battles.


There are few changes that have been made which can be checked in the Pokemon GO website.

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