Onmyoji Arena featuring Japanese Mascot Kumamon

Onmyoji Arena is going to feature a number of collaborative events as announced by NetEase. Some of these events include a partnership with a Chinese RPG card game, Japanese Mascot Kumamon, and also confirmation regarding the fireworks festival. Onmyoji Arena will feature Japanese Mascot Kumamon soon in the game.

Upcoming Events in Onmyoji Arena

1. Partnership with Chinese RPG card game

Onmyoji Arena is all set to team-up with Legend of fantasy sprites. In this event, the game see the arrival of the character “Dai Shimei” as a Shikigami. Shuten Dozi and Ibaraki Dozi are also set to receive a Tang dynasty themed skins. This skin will be called as the “Cheers Series”.

2. Featuring Japanese Mascot- Kumamon

Onmyoji Arena will feature the Japanese Mascot Kumamon soon in the game. The exact plan of Kumamon has not been revealed yet by NetEase. However, Kumamon will visit Heian-Kyo and will make people happy wherever possible.

Apart from this, a new SSR Shikigami is also heading to the game. The new Shikigami will be arriving at the same time as Kumamon and will be taking the role of Marksman. She will be known as Suzuka Gozen.

3. Fireworks Festival

Fireworks Festival is one of the traditions for Onmyoji Arena. This year, the firework festival will start from July 3. All the players can expect in-game surprises and bonuses as long as the festival lasts.

Onmyoji Arena is a free-to-play game that allows in-app purchases. Have you tried this game yet? You can find this game on your Android and iOS stores:

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