Mobile Legends Tigreal Hero Guide

In our first Mobile Legends Hero guide, we will learn more about the tank hero Tigreal. This guide covers his basics, skills, equipment builds, and more.

Basics of Tigreal

Tigreal is the first tank hero that any player obtains in Mobile Legends, as a new player reward. He is also the most popular tank as of April 2020 by the official performance index. Tigreal is very simple to use but he has a lot of tricks that need time to master.

Tigreal Guide

Tigreal is very useful even without equipment, as he has the third-best base HP (health points) in the game after Hylos and Belerick. Playing Tigreal, or any tank, your responsibility is to protect your teammates, shield them from damage, and initiate team fights.

Skills/Abilities of Tigreal

Tigreal’s passive skill is very useful in team fights when he is getting constantly attacked. After using skills or receiving damage from basic attacks, he gets a shield that blocks the next basic attack, marked above him.

Tigreal Guide

Attack Wave

Tigreals first skill, Attack Wave, launches a shockwave towards the direction cast, dealing 300 points of physical damage (and extra 80% total physical attack), then slows the hit enemies by 65% for 2 seconds. As this skill, slows down the enemy, it is very useful to slow down escaping enemies from team fights.

Sacred Hammer

Tigreal’s second skill, Sacred Hammer, is also a very useful crowd control ability. First off he charges towards enemies dealing 100% of his total physical attack. You can then use the skill again to throw the enemies into the air dealing 180 points of physical damage and an extra 80% from total physical attack. You can use this skill to initiate team fights or combine it with the ultimate skill. This attack is very useful if used wisely.


His third and ultimate skill, Implosion, is the most useful for him as a tank. Tigreal smashes his sword into the ground and enemies in the area will be pulled towards. Then these enemies get damaged by 270 points of physical damage (and an extra 130% of total physical attack). The skill also stuns the enemies for 1.5 seconds. However, the skill can be interrupted by enemies’ crowd control or stun effects, meaning a player needs to be extra careful about when to use it.

Guide to Tigreal

Equipment build and emblems

The best equipment items for Tigreal are the ones that give him more HP and resistances. It’s also recommended to have something to replenish mana and improve offensive power a bit.

Balanced Tigreal

The build below is recommended for a balanced Tigreal. The first item, demon shoes, improves his mobility, and mana regeneration. The second item, Immortality, gives 40 physical resistance and resurrects you which is a big help in team fights. Cursed Helmet adds extra HP and magic resist, and it passively damages enemy heroes who are close to you. Athena’s Shield for massive magic resists and a shield that activates every 30 seconds. Blade Armor adds physical damage, and deflect 25% of damage from a physical basic attack. The final item, Oracle, gives a boost in health and shield regen and provides you with extra cooldown reduction.

Tigreal's Guide

Tigreal Tank emblem Build

The best emblem build for Tigreal is tank emblem. He can gain extra resistance from it, and all of its ultimate talents work well for him, especially Tenacity as it makes him very resistant and durable (choose physical and magic defense perks).

Tigreal's Guide

Battle Spells

Most useful battle spells for Tigreal include Petrify, for stunning enemies further, and Flicker, to teleport into team fights and surprise enemies with his crowd control skills.

Gameplay Tips

  • Try to kill enemy minions early game with Attack Wave, you can also use it to harass enemies and push them back.
  • When you are in safe surroundings, and your team doesn’t need help, you can kill weaker jungle monsters for experience.
  • Always be the one to initiate team fights, but wait until enemies are together to use second and ultimate skills.
  • Protect your main damage dealer when he is in the jungle or alone on a lane.
  • Try to use your second skill to pin out enemies and push them under your tower, it needs practice, but the skill can be used in many ways.

This was it for Mobile Legends Tigreal hero guide. Stay tuned for more guides on Mobile Legends.

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