Mobile Legends New Hero Overview: Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong is a new hero in the Advanced Server. As many of you may know, it has been here for quite a while now. Recently his skills have been updated and he might be coming to the original server soon. Here is a Mobile Legends Yu Zhong Overview.


Passive: Cursing Touch

Whenever Yu Zhong attacks (Basic Attack or Skill), he applies ‘Sha’ marks on the enemy, up to 5 stacks. Upon reaching 5 stacks, it will deal 40 (+30% extra Physical) + 2% of a target lost HP as Physical Damage. It also restores 8% of Yu Zhong’s lost HP and gathers 8 ‘Sha’ essence for the hero. When ‘Sha’ essence is full, Yu Zhong acquires 40% Movement Speed and 20% Spell Vamp.

Dragon Tail

Yu Zhong charges and spins his cloak (AOE damage). This skill causes more damage to the outer area of the cloak than the inner area. The “Dragon Tail” skill can be triggered easily just while moving around.

Soul Grip

Apparently this skill has been modified in recent patch for Yu Zhong in the advanced server. Previous Soup Grip will form a link and drag enemy towards you (CC) but now it doesn’t. Instead:

Yu Zhong releases a ‘Dragon’ towards a direction, dealing damage (150+) to the enemies and slowing them by 60% for 1s. If hit, Yu Zhong’s next Basic Attack is enhanced and has a ‘knock-back’ effect towards that enemy Hero.

Furious Dive

Yu Zhong leaps towards a designated area, dealing with damage. After a short delay, the enemy Hero still in the AOE will be knocked airborne for 1s. This is sort of like a mini Gatotkaca Ultimate.

Black Dragon Form

After a 0.6s delay, Yu Zhong transforms into a Dragon for 7 seconds. He has CC immunity, ignores obstacles, and increases Max HP by 600+. Encountering enemy Heroes deal with damage to them and also have a ‘knock-back’ effect. Upon exiting Dragon form, he deals with damage (200+) in his AOE and goes into post-Dragon form for 10s. All of his skills are enhanced (Dragon Tail, Soul Grip, and Furious Dive).

“What doesn’t kill me makes me even stronger.”

Yu Zhong

This was all about the new hero Yu Zhong which might hit the game anytime now. We also talked about another new hero Khaleed in a previous article. Have you read it yet?

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