Mobile Legends New Hero Khaleed: Everything We Know so far

Here is everything you need to know about Khaleed, the new hero in Mobile Legends. Khaleed is a new hero which is yet to be added in the global version of the game. He can be found in the advanced server of Mobile legends. However, there is no information on the exact date for his release.


Khaleed or ‘Khaled’ or ‘Kalid’ is the name of an Arabic origin which means ‘eternal’. We can say that this hero is a mix of ‘Aladdin’, and ‘Gaara’ from Naruto. This is because he possesses some skills that are similar to them. Let’s talk about Khaleed’s abilities in Mobile Legends.


(Passive) Sand Walk

There is an additional bar below the HP bar of Khalid. This bar automatically fills with time when the hero is walking. Once it’s full, Khalid starts floating on sand which gives him increased Movement Speed by 30%. It also enhances your next basic attack.

It may sound similar to Minotaur Ultimate or Rage bar. However, Khaleed’s passive is charged easily when you are moving. But, Minotaur’s bar is charged when he is being hit.

Desert Tornado (1st Skill)

Khaleed’s first ability is a 360 no-scope slash with his dessert knife. This is an AOE skill that triggers the next slash automatically if the first slash successfully hits the enemy. It can stack up to 5 slashes, and the damage increases by 25% every stack.

This skill is somewhat similar to XBorg’s Ultimate, assuming you successfully stacked the skill 5 times. The only difference is the increase in damage with every stack in the case of Khaleed.

Quicksand Guard (2nd Skill)

The second skill helps Khaleed to regenerate a small portion of his HP and also charges a second “Bar” that is below his HP bar. Additionally, the damage taken during this skill’s triggered period is reduced. This skill may be similar to Bane’s second ability that regenerates his HP and boosts his movement speed.

Raging Sandstorm (Ultimate)

While using the ultimate ability, Khaleed rides on a pile of sand and lands it on an AOE. This stuns the enemies in the AOE and deals damage. This skill is somewhat similar to Gatotkaca’s Ultimate. But Gatotkaca’s Ultimate has a longer stun duration than Khaleed’s Ultimate. Thus, it is technically similar to ‘Gaara’s’ skill from Naruto.


We are not sure about the release date of Khaleed in the global servers. As soon as we get any information on the date, we will make sure to update it here.

Khaleed has been assigned the role of a Fighter. The hero’s skills also seem simple enough, as compared to the recent new hero Luo Yi.

Khaleed seems to be a descent addition to the list of heroes in Mobile Legends. However, not much can be said about the hero until he is released globally.

According to the abilities of Khaleed, the combo can be:
Ultimate into the enemy heroes-> (Optional-Use the Petrify Spell)-> First Skill (Desert Tornado).

This way, the hero has a better chance of getting all 5 stacks on his first skill. His second skill can be used to disengage from the fights.

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