Mobile Legends Hero Guide: Lunox

Today we bring to you another Mobile Legends Hero guide on Lunox. Even though there was no update on Lunox in the last patch (1.4.76), but for playing this hero, a player needs a lot of critical decision-making abilities and Cooldown awareness.

Hero Understanding

Compared to Pharsa, Chang’e, or Valir, Lunox is not as easy in terms of mastery. There is a lot of cool down awareness that you will need to take into consideration when playing Lunox. This is because juggling between her ‘different’ ultimates can often outplay your opponents even when you are outnumbered.


(Passive) Dreamland Twist

Notice there is another bar below her Mana Bar: HP – Mana – ‘This Bar’. That’s her Mental-Breakdown bar where she juggles between either order or chaos. Here’s the thing: Any items with CD reduction do not apply to her (in terms of CD reduction). Instead, depending on the bar, the CD reduction turns to either Magic PEN (Darkening) or Physical & Magical Defense (Brilliance).

That’s why Lunox is such a crazy Mage and mastery of this hero is difficult. She’s basically like an All-In-One discount package.

First Skill

Starlight Pulse
Chaos Assault

The switch between two types of ‘Mental-Breakdowns’ is decided by the first skill. If you want to be a little bit tanky, use Starlight Pulse: which deals 200+ Magic Damage and recover a certain amount of HP. If you want High Damage Burst, 2nd skill will side you towards that direction (deals 240+ Magic Defense).

If you feel like being overpowered or just trying to delay the fight for your team’s rotation, use your first skill to switch between both Ultimates. In this way, you can drag the fight as long as possible.

2nd Skill (Cosmic Fission)

This skill slows down your enemy. It also deals with a significant amount of damage (300+). The enemy slows down for 2s! And that’s a long time to burst an enemy down.


Order Brilliance
Chaos Darkening

‘Order’ Ultimate deals less Magic Damage per second but this makes you invincible for a while. ‘Chaos’: you should go berserk and spam your 1st skill (Chaos Assault).

The 1st skill is good for escaping! while the 2nd skill gives you high burst damage.

Also, don’t forget to use your 2nd skill because it helps to slow your enemy Hero. Many players use their Ultimate and spam their 1st skill but often forget to slow their enemy. Addiionally, the 2nd skill deals 300+ Magic Damage!

You should always keep a subconscious notice of the Cooldown. ‘Order Brilliance’ have longer Cooldown (28s) than Chaos Darkening (18s). Always keep your orb level at 1 (the ‘Mental-Breakdown’ bar below your HP and Mana bar) just so that it is easier to switch between escape mode or assassin mode according to the need.

Power Spell

Flame Shot

As most of the Mages should use, Flameshot is good for finishing an escaping enemy Hero or when you are escaping from a fight. Meanwhile, Purify is another option just in case your enemy team has a lot of CC skills. The last thing you want is a stunned Lunox.

It is not recommended to use Flicker for a blink out after using her Chaos Ultimate. With Winter Truncheon and Ultimate (Order Brilliance), you could delay and escape quite easily. Lunox’s Ultimate (Chaos Darkening) cand be used to ‘blink’ in for a surprise element as well!

If by any chance, you are stuck with two or three enemy heroes in a lane, it’s probably because you over-extended into the map. This is one of the map awareness issues.



This emblem gives you some Movement Speed (2%). This can be helpful because Lunox does not has the best speed even though she has wings on her back. And the talent (Impure Rage) of the emblem goes well with her Burst-style Ultimate.

Item Build

Demon Boots

This item gives her Mana, and is useful because she is a Mage.

Concentrated Energy

This item gives her extra Lifesteal(25%). This is helpful especially when you are spamming her 1st skill (Chaos) after activating her Ultimate (Chaos). Also, try to keep her from going back to base too often!

Lightning Truncheon

Other than giving 10% CD Reduction ( which helps her ‘Mental Breakdown’ scaling, as mentioned above where CD Reduction doesn’t affect her but contributes to Magic PEN or Defence), this item’s Passive is useful for her: Every 6s, hero’s next magic skill deals additional Damage – This gives her a nice burst.

Glowing Wand

Now Glowing Wand is quite debatable. I personally build a tanky item, something like an Athena Shield instead of going for the Glowing Wand. But Glowing Wand can give a burning effect to her skills.(stack)

Holy Crystal

This item helps to increase Magic Power. This is normally a core item for many Mage Heroes.

Winter Truncheon

Just in case you screw up your swap between Mental Breakdowns order or chaos, you can use Winter Truncheon for that added delay (2s) to wait for your Ultimate CD.


Brute Force BreastPlate

Brute Force Breastplate

Now if you really need some tanky item(Physical Defense), Brute Force Breastplate’s can be really helpful. Its passive can give you increased Movement Speed upon Basic Attack or Skill – Both of these are relevant to her (Ultimate and 1st skill spamming). Other than this, Physical and Magic Defense is also increased by 4% for four seconds.


Early Game

  1. Mid-Lane! (The ‘Mid or Feed’ mentality). But normally Mage goes mid-lane unless your team wants a hyper-carry (1-3-1).
  2. You should use your 1st skill to recover HP (Starlight Pulse), just so you do not have to recall often.
  3. If your enemy has CC heroes (e.g. Vale, Chou) who could stun you, try not to over-extend! Especially when there are two heroes in the mid lane.

Mid/Late Game

  1. You should always keep one orb on your ‘Mental-Breakdown’ bar so that it can be used when needed.
  2. Don’t tank the damage from the enemies.
  3. Remember, both of your Ultimates (Order & Chaos) run simultaneously, if one is on Cooldown, the other might not be on cooldown. Use both of them for the best results.
  4. Try avoiding to spam your Order Ultimate when it is not needed. Use Order Ultimate to dodge CC skills especially stun.


Now it is less of a combo for Lunox but more like time management. Remember to use your Ultimate and also about switching between Order and Chaos wisely.

Normally, you can ambush squishy heroes like a Mage or a MM(avoid those with CCs).

Scenario 1

Go in (Chaos Ultimate) and SPAM your 1st and 2nd skills. If the enemy is not dead yet, you can use your first skill (Order) and prepare for Order’s Ultimate to disengage from the fight.

Scenario 2

When you go in(Chaos Ultimate) and spam and the enemy dies, but the enemy team is rotating towards you!
You should use the first skill(Order), prepare for your Ultimate (Order), and call for your team’s rotation. Use your Ultimate (Order) to delay the enemies, juke around, and start spamming the 1st skill (Chaos) to prepare for Ultimate (Chaos). This is because the chaos Ultimate has less Cooldown(18s). After using Ultimate(Chaos), when your order Ultimate is no longer on cooldown (28s), Winter Truncheon comes into play.


Lunox is a fun hero to play, just because she has so much to offer. It is the kind of hero where, once you get a combo executed and also manage to successfully escape the enemy, it feels out of the world. You can even lead your team towards the victory.

What are your views for this Mobile Legends hero guide on Lunox? Do you use any other build?

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