Mobile Legends Hero Guide: Karina

We bring to you a Mobile Legends hero Guide on Karina. Karina can be easily placed among the Tier A Assasins.

Hero Understanding

Karina is one of the very opportunistic heroes to play. She has high burst damage for a single target and can also dive into the towers or farm (lane or jungle). You can also juke well by using her first skill. However, like most of the assassins, Karina’s CC skills (Nana or Kaja) does not favor her.


(Passive) Combo Hit

Karina’s passive allows True Damage on the third basic attack (10% of enemies HP). This is extremely useful as a finishing move to end a squishy hero.


Elusiveness is Karina’s first skill that allows her to engage or disengage from a fight. It also makes her immune to basic attacks and provides her with increased movement speed. Her own basic attack also gets enhanced in this state.

Dance of Death

Karina spins her sword and deals damage. This is good for jungle, casual farming, or additional combo damage.

Shadow Rush

Single target Burst! Karina’s ultimate is extremely crucial. You should not waste it on a tank. Instead, use it on squishy heroes. If there are no squishy heroes in the other team, Karina may not be much effective.

Power Spell


Retribution helps the hero to farm faster in the jungle. It can also be helpful in roaming around the map to steal the read buffs or even the turtle. Retribution is handy in those situations.


Mage Emblem

As she is a magic hero, she goes well with the Mage Emblem. This also grants Karina with additional movement speed.

Items Build


Pillager Axe
Star Shard

Pillager Axe is recommended for the additional defense as Karina is too squishy in the early game. But Star Shard will be acceptable as well since it increases her magic power (High Burst, rather than Tanky).


Magic Shoe
Calamity Scythe
Concentrated Energy
Divine Glaive
Holy Crystal
Lightning Trucheon
  1. Magic Shoe: This is the most ideal boot for Karina.
  2. Calamity Scythe: This enhances her basic damage with the item’s Passive (Calamity) where after using a skill, the next Basic Attack will deal extra True Damage
  3. Divine Glaive: This is some extra Magic PEN which increases her damage!
  4. Concentrated Energy: This item allows lifesteal on her attack. Also, the passive (Recharge) regenerates by 10% HP after killing a hero
  5. Holy Crystal: This simply increases her Magic Power making Karina more powerful.
  6. Lightning Truncheon: (Optional) This item can help you to deal with the situations where you get surrounded by the enemies. This is because it boosts the burst damage on the surrounding heroes.

Play Style

Now, this is something really important. It doesn’t matter how much you have farmed with Karina in a game if you don’t know when and where to engage in a fight.

While playing Karina or even any other hero you should always have map-awareness. You should be able to track the location of a fight in which your team has engaged. You should not rush at the forefront (leave that to the tank). Instead, route around your enemy and find an opportunity to attack the Mage or MMs whose HP is low.

You can always use your first skill (Elusiveness) to engage. Either use your basic attack or you can even use your ultimate. After using the ultimate, use the basic attack and then the second skill(Dance of Death). If used perfectly, the enemy hero should die. If you successfully kill or assist in killing an enemy, the cooldown of your first skill reduces.

The suggested combo for Karina:
S1 > Ultimate > Basic Attack > S2 > Basic Attack

After getting a kill, if you are low on HP, you should always disengage. Unless another opportunity arises where an enemy hero is extremely low, you can try to engage. Try not to panic and don’t get greedy. Just wait for your team to open up another opportunity before you engage.

Try to steal the enemy Buffs

Karina is a very good hero to play as a roam. Early in the game, normally the enemy MM will be taking the Red Buff and the Blue Buff will be left for the mid-lane Heroes(Mage) unless they go for 1-3-1.

You can always check for an opportunity to steal the enemy’s buffs. But you should not over-engage or you can end up dying. You can also kill a hero while he is jungling and low in HP.


Early Game

  1. Go for the mid-lane as it gives you access to both the enemy’s Blue and Red Buffs.
  2. You can also farm the blue buff. It helps with the CD.
  3. Roam around and don’t wait for the lane creeps. You can either farm Jungle or scout enemy’s rotation. Playing Karina, you have to farm in the early game or else you will be out farmed and will be of no help to the team in the late game.
  4. Try to involve more in the fights because it helps you to snowball a lot quicker in-game.

Mid-Late Game

  1. Just try to get kills. After a 2mins or 4mins mark, there should be a lot of team-fights initiated already. Try to engage in the fights. Don’t just farm like you’re a Marksman. Getting kills can double Karina’s farming.
  2. Try to get the turtles, and keep engaging in fights. Karina is a Hero who snowballs well. If you can farm kills, you will get to a point where the enemy will not be able to withstand your Burst Damage.


Karina is suitable for people who like to play aggressively. You should remember to rotate constantly while using Karina. You should get some help from your teammates to dive towers. Also, you should keep roaming around the map to find more and more opportunities for farming buffs and kills.

What are your views for this Mobile Legends hero guide on Karina? Do you use any other build?

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