Mobile Legends Hero Guide: Jawhead

In this guide, we bring to you another Mobile Legends Hero Guide: Jawhead. While playing Mobile Legends, situation and personal preference may differ but this guide gives you the most recommended build for playing Jawhead. You can use this to dominate the game.

Basic Understanding

Based on the Tier List, Jawhead is considered ‘Fair’ as a Fighter. He is listed below Silvanna, Bandang, or even Dyrroth which is somewhat of a disservice towards Jawhead. I believe it is better than Bandang and Dyrroth. Jawhead has high burst damage and is quite a tank in the early game. Additionally his 2nd skill gives him additional shield which is useful.

Skills Analysis

Passive: Mecha Suppression

In brief, the more he punches, the higher the damage of each punch. Each damage inflicts a stack of Compression for 3s (up to 10 stacks). Each stack increases the Basic Attack by 8%. This can be used to jungle as well as it can be helpful in farming in the early game.

1st Skill: Smart Missiles

This is probably the first thing that you should upgrade in the early game. It makes it easier to farm and jungle with Jawhead. He shoots missiles for 5s (12 missiles). Each missile deals 125(+20% Total Physical Attack). If you’re solo-ing in your lane early game, it is better to upgrade this skill first. If you are going with someone e.g. Silvanna who could stun and attack, then you should upgrade the 2nd skill to harass and potentially initiate kills in the early game.

2nd Skill: Ejector

In Jawhead’s 2nd skill, he gains 30% Movement Speed+ Shield 600(+100% Total Physical Attack) and damages for 5s. Use this skill again to throw + stun the target for 0.5s, deal 300(+ 80% Total Physical Attack). 

Use this skill to throw the enemy into your own tower.

3rd Skill: Unstoppable Force

Charge and Knockback + 400(+100% Total Physical Attack) to target your surroundings. Don’t use this Ultimate if your tanks initiated (e.g. Tigreal used his Ultimate on 2-3 enemy heroes) because you will just knockback everyone and waste your ultimate. When you are facing squishy heroes (e.g. Bruno, Odette), you could use Ultimate upon seeing them. But you need to kill them using your combo. If you miss the kill, you miss your chance of chasing them. So use this Ultimate wisely. It can turn a situation in favour of you.

Map Awareness

Playing Jawhead, you will need quite a bit of map awareness for it to be effective against squishy heroes e.g. Bruno, Odette. Normally you should roam around till you reach Level 4 and by then you should have your boots. Use a few spots to hide (yellow stars) before you initiate and use 2nd skill to throw them towards the tower. Or just hide in the spot either to scout their red buff and observe their rotation, or just ambush squishy heroes if necessary.


The preferred combo is 2nd skill (ambush-style) -> 1st skill -> 2nd skill (again) to toss. Then if you’re losing your enemy because they start outrunning you, use your 3rd skill.

However, if you are pretty sure that you can burst down the enemy in one go, then just use 3rd skill -> 2nd skill -> 1st skill -> then 2nd skill again to toss.

Team Play

Now Jawhead is not a tank. Thus he cannot stand in the middle of a team fight. This should be the tank’s job. You could try to route to the side of the team fight to catch the squishy heroes. Or, initiate by tossing an enemy hero who over-extended into your team. But make sure that you do not die for it as it is not worth it.

So most of the time, Jawhead’s job will be to route to the side or back of the team fight and burst the squishy heroes (3rdskill (optional) -> 2nd skill -> 1st skill -> 2nd skill). After you hit your burst, get out of the fight and then wait for 1st & 2nd skills to cooldown. Then re-engage when your skills are back up again. Don’t swarm into the team fight and tank all the damage for no reason. In short, do not try to play Jawhead as a Tank.

Power Spell

Execute Emblem

Since you are a burst hero, it makes sense to just compile a huge chunk of damage including execute. Make sure to use it at the end if your enemy is not dead even after using your combos.

Item Build


Raptor Machete

This item can help you to farm fast in the lane and in the jungle. It also increases your early game damage. In the late-game, you could consider selling it for something better e.g. Tank items like a Demon’s Wing.


Rapid Boots

This item will help you to run fast like Forest Gump. As Jawhead, you should roam around the map a lot, either to scout enemy team rotation or to steal enemy jungle creeps. Thus, rapid boots can be of great use.


Blade of Heptaseas

This is a must-have item while playing Jawhead. The item’s passive (Ambush) increases your Burst Damage like a G6.

Endless Battle

This item’s passive (Divine Justice) is good for you since you should approach your enemy (2nd skill). If you purchase this item, it helps your Basic Attack to deal an extra 70% Physical attack when used after a skill.

This item even supports the suggested combo: 2nd skill + 1st skill. Dash towards the enemy hit them with an extra 70% Physical Attack as True Damage because of Endless battle. Additionally, your Blade of Heptaseas’s passive (Ambush) increases your first Basic Attack like a G6. Now you got a G7 Burst Combo.

Blade of Despair

This item will increase Jawhead’s damage and can prove to be useful.

Athena’s Shield

While playing Jawhead, you might occasionally push turrets for killing the squishy hero e.g. Gord, Bruno. Thus Athena’s Shield is useful for some extra armor.


Bloodlust Axe

Bloodlust Axe gives you +70 Physical Attack and 10% Lifesteal which is good enough for Jawhead’s 1st skill.

Dominance Ice

Unique (Arctic Cold): This can help to lower the movement speed of the enemies by 10% and attack speed by 30%. Sometimes your enemy might outrun you before you could execute your Burst Combo completely, so Dominance Ice can be useful to slow their Movement Speed by 10%.

Demon Wings

Unique (Demonize): This item can help to reduce the damage taken by 50% when health less than 40%. It also increases the Lifesteal by 30% for the last 5s. This item can be useful too. Thus, Dominance Ice or Demon Wings should be chosen according to the in-game situation.

Recommended Build for Jawhead

Tips for playing Jawhead

Early Game

  • Farm with your 1st skill first. However, with your 2nd skill, you may avoid recalling very often because it generates additional shields.
  • Once you reach Lvl 4, (around 2mins mark) you should start to roam and get kills. Try going to a lane with some fighter e.g. Silvanna who has CC skills, this way you can easily pin down an enemy hero and burst.
  • Jawhead’s 1st skill has quite high damage against early game Tanks.

Mid Game

  • Be aware of the enemy’s rotation and target their squishy hero – e.g. Bruno, Lesley, Hanzo, Mage (e.g. Gord).
  • Get involved in a team fight and contest Turtles.

Late Game

  • Normally you should not want to get too late into the game with Jawhead. You want to end things early because towards the end game the enemy teams will farm enough. Thus, Jawhead’s Burst becomes less effective against their fighter or Marksman.

This was it for Mobile legends hero guide on Jawhead. What are your views?

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