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In our new guide, we bring to you Mobile Legends Gord Hero Guide. While playing a hero in Mobile Legends, the situation may differ which requires different play styles as well as build. However, this guide gives you the most recommended build for playing Gord.

Basic Understanding

Note: “Gord is not much preferred in higher-ranked game due to his low mobility. “

Assassins like Gusion, Lancelot, Natalia, that can easily dive tower, can greatly affect Gord in his early game farming. Other mages like Guinevere, Cecilion, Odette, Kagura, Aurora may be more preferable. Guinevere can burst and run. Cecilion is also a great choice. Odette has good stun and Ultimate can also be used to slow.

Skills Analysis

Passive [Mystic Favor]

Gord’s passive ability is what makes him STONK because every 4 hits (Basic or Skill) grants a bonus of 160(+70% Total Magic Power) points of True Damage on the next attack. Most of the time, the combo is 2nd skill -> 1st skill, then Ultimate which can easily unleash the Passive.

1st Skill [Mystic Projectile]

This 1st skill is the ultimate CC of Gord because it stuns an enemy for 1 second dealing 270(+80% Total Magic Power). You should learn to aim it manually or you can just spam it in the early game to poke an enemy until the enemy becomes low on health. This is especially useful when you are in the same lane as enemy Marksman (MM) because you can disrupt their farm by constantly poking them.

2nd Skill [Mystic Injunction]

Gord projects a round magic circle that deals 80(+20% Total Magic Power) every 0.45s. This skill can be used to impart a lot of damage on the enemies in the early game. However, it is best used for farming. Learn to aim it manually, to place it in-between creeps. This way you get to target a more effective area.

Ultimate Skill [Mystic Gush]

Hadouken! Kamehameha! Deal 200(+50% Total Magic Power) every 0.3s and slow the enemy by 20%. This skill is Hadouken!


The most suggested combo for Gord is 2nd skill > 1st skill > Ultimate. However, after using this skill enemy does not die, RUN.

Best Uses with the team

If your team has heroes like Tigreal (Ultimate can CC enemies), Atlas (Ultimate can group stun), Khufra (Ultimate can group enemies), always wait for them to initiate first before you use your 1st skill or your Ultimate. For example, wait for Tigreal to initiate (Flicker then Ultimate) -> then you use your 1st skill or straight go for Ultimate. That way, it’s a WOMBO COMBO. This is the most effective use of Gord.

Preferred Power Spell

The most preferred emblem is Flicker that helps you to RUN. Learn some basic JEBAIT skills.
Always Flicker across the wall for better escape efficiency.


Mage Emblem

Item Build


Awe Mask

If you’re roaming with your Marksman (MM), buy Awe Mask to boost your MM EXP and also +700HP +10% CD Reduction & +25 Movement Speed. However, most of the time, this does not happen because Marksman will be roaming with the tank.


Arcane Boots or Magic Boots

Arcane Boots is preferred because Gord is all about Magic Attack and more Magic PEN (+15) helps to boost the Magic Attacks. Although some players go for Magic Shoes which gives +10% CD Reduction. The items like Fleeting Time is enough to cut the CD of his Ultimate to near 17s in the late game.


Enchanted Talisman | Mobile Legends Wiki | Fandom

Enchanted Talisman

This item gives you near-infinite mana which is needed while playing Gord because Gord is all about spamming his 1st and 2nd skill. Normally this should be the first item to go for, even before the Arcane Boots.

Fleeting Time | Mobile Legends Wiki | Fandom

Fleeting Time

This item reduces your CoolDown (CD) and is especially important for your skill spamming. You can even spam 1st and 2nd skill of Gord in the bushes to scout for hiding assassins.

Ice Queen Wand | Mobile Legends Wiki | Fandom
Holy Crystal | Mobile Legends Wiki | Fandom
Blood Wings | Mobile Legends Wiki | Fandom

Ice Queen Wand. Holy Crystal. Blood Wings

If you observe Gord’s skill, most of it depends on his Total Magic Attack. These three items can give him an inhumane level of Magic Power. Ice Queen Wand adds a nice unique passive of slow to Gord’s Ultimate.


Winter Trucheon | Mobile Legends Wiki | Fandom

Winter Truncheon can freeze you for 2s of invincibility. However, this item is situational, and it should be bought when the enemy has burst heroes like Dyrroth, Helcurt, Guinevere. The basic idea behind using this item is that if you are in a team-fight and an enemy’s assassin routes his way to the back of you to kill you, use Winter Truncheon to avoid the burst period (e.g. Dyrroth’s Ultimate, Guinevere’s Ultimate, Helcurt’s 1st skill). Then use Flicker emblem to get closer to the team or run and call for your team to kill the assassin.


Early Game

  1. The top lane is preferred or the mid-lane.
  2. Up your 2nd skill first to farm faster. Learn to place it manually to cover the area more efficiently.
  3. If you are in a lane with your marksman (MM), go for Awe Mask first to boost your MM EXP.
  4. Poke your enemy as much as possible with your 1st and 2nd skill.
  5. Go for Enchanted Talisman first because Gord is mana-heavy.

Mid Game

  1. Stick with the team- Try to play passive behind the team and get kills.
  2. Aim for squishy MM like Bruno, Miya, Karrie, or mage like Odette.
  3. If there is a CC hero (e.g. Tigreal) in your team, wait for his ultimate before using your Ultimate for the combo.
  4. Be extra careful on the map for the assassins (like Aldous, Natalia, Fanny, Lancelot) who might route around to assault mage behind the team.

Late Game

  1. Go for Winter Truncheon if you start to die too much to the highly farmed assassins in the late-game.

Hero Understanding

Most high ranked games end within 15 minutes. Gord is a strong early game and mid-game hero. If you have not made enough impact early game to disrupt enemies farm, then approaching towards the 10 minutes mark, you should start sticking more to your team and tower as their assassins or fighter have probably farmed enough and can kill you easily.

This was all for today’s guide on Mobile Legends hero Gord. Was this guide helpful? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you liked reading this article, do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us on our discord server for discussion on Mobile Games.


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