Mobile Legends Beginners Guide

Mobile Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game, developed by Shanghai Moonton Technologies. It has become the most popular MOBA on mobile devices, is available on both Android and iOS. Every player who plays Mobile Legends, or is about o play the game, should know all the basics of it. Here is a detailed Mobile Legends beginners guide.

Basics and objective of Mobile Legends

The game objective of a Mobile Legends match is like in any MOBA – a player has to destroy the enemy base, navigating on a three-laned map, destroying turrets, and protect their own.

Each lane has 6 turrets – three for your side, three for the enemy. In addition to turrets and lanes, the area between lanes is called the jungle – this is where many powerful monsters reside. A player can kill these monsters for buffs and gold.

The Jungle

The biggest monster in the jungle called Lord can be killed to help the team push towards the enemy’s base. This monster will be summoned on the weakest enemy lane to damage turrets and enemy heroes. Usually, this job is done by minions who get released from your base frequently.

Very important creatures in the jungle area are called Red and Blue buffs (marked with the horned devil symbol on the map). These monsters give general boosts (seen below) to a player who kills them. Red buff is recommended to physical damage heroes, Assassins, Fighters, and most importantly Marksmen. Blue buff is needed for mages who need mana regen, which is necessary to cast a lot of spells. It also provides skill cooldown reduction, which is why some physical damage heroes also kill the Blue buff monster.


The most important aspect of Mobile Legends is the heroes. Normal battles are played in 5v5 format, and each human player controls one hero. Heroes come in a very wide range of shapes and sizes; there is a selection of 94 heroes in the game currently and five new ones are planned to be added in 2020. Heroes can be bought with gold, tickets, or diamonds from the in-game shop. You can also win some heroes from draws or events.

That leads to a commonly asked question, which heroes should be picked, or are the best? The answer is that you can play every hero well if you know how to play him. Heroes are classified into 6 role categories: Fighters, Assassins, Tanks, Mages, Marksmen, and Supports.

Categories of Heroes:

Fighters – usually deal melee physical damage, they have a short-range but might have several CC (crown control) effects.

Assassins – also known as jungles, they spend most of the game “hidden” in the map, in the jungle; usually very agile heroes with different invisibility or blink (fast movement) skills.

Tanks – high health and resistance heroes, who protect weaker teammates, initiate team fights, and shield the most damage that enemies deal; usually have several slowing or CC skills.

Mages – highest damage heroes early in the game, they deal magic damage with several types of spells.

Marksmen – heroes who deal damage over a long-range, strongest in late game phase, usually the heroes with the lowest health.

Supports – these heroes help allies by healing them, giving them shields or slowing enemies, some of them also deal good damage.

Additional Tip: Current META (Most effective tactics available) list. This shows the average effectiveness and popularity of heroes. Heroes in S+ and S tier are the strongest, however, such lists are never 100% accurate. Top row from left to right – Bruno, Karrie, Claude, Granger, Sylvanna, Ling, Valir, Grock, Khufra.


Mobile Legends has various game modes, the usual ones being Classic (unranked matchmaking) and Ranked (in tiered matchmaking). You can unlock ranked mode if you reach level 8 and have at least five heroes. You start in the lowest division – Warrior – and climb up the ranks by winning matches and getting stars. The ladder from weakest to strongest rank is Warrior-Elite-Master-Grandmaster-Epic-Legend-Mythic.

Starting from Epic rank, the draft mode is introduced, which means players can take turns to ban heroes they don’t want in the match. This adds a lot of strategy and planning. You can accumulate points with combo-kills and getting MVP awards, which will add up to star-raising points, that can give you an extra star after some wins. If you play well, then the same things are counted into protection points, that help you stop losing a star after a loss.

When you have waited in the queue for a bit, the game will pair you into a team of players that can be one rank above or below you. Same goes for the opposing team. On the hero choosing screen, you can pick a hero from the list of available ones for you. On the left you will see what other people are picking.


You can also choose hero skins if you have any. On the bottom right side you can choose a battle spell, these are special abilities that can help you in various ways during the battle (heal, remove debuffs, deal damage to enemies, teleport, etc.), you can obtain these by leveling up. Equipment builds are the core decider of how your hero will work.

You can also buy equipment in-game, but configuring the build tree before will help you save time during battle. If you start out, choose a starting build recommended for the hero, or try hot builds. Last thing to configure before the battle is Emblem set. Emblems are class-based modifiers, which will give more power through extra health, damage, life steal, attack speed, and so on. You start with physical and magical sets, but as you play more, you gain more fragments and magic dust to unlock and level the other ones.

In the match

You will start the game in your base, where you have the option to move onto one of the third lanes or start farming for gold by killing creeps in the jungle. The last option isn’t recommended for new players since you need the right gear and emblem build, and you should be a good assassin or marksman player.

When killing enemy minions and jungle monsters, you get gold and experience, which helps you level up and also level up your skills which can be seen on the left side of the screen. You can fast buy equipment that appears under the kills and deaths counter on the top right corner.

Tips for new players:

  • Never attack turrets alone
  • Always be careful around bushes. In the bush, a player can be hidden, which can lead to surprise attacks – ganking in MOBA terms
  • If you get outnumbered on a lane, try to call help by signaling with the arrow button on the right sidebar; always help your teammates if they are alone against more opponents
  • Don’t die too early, focus on killing minions and pushing enemies back. Killing early wastes a lot of valuable time

One game of Mobile legends usually lasts for about 15-20 minutes. However, the games may get longer according to the situation. Alternate way to win is when your opponents surrender. You can also start a surrender vote yourself when the game is too tough, you then need 3 other players to vote Surrender with you to forfeit the game. This isn’t encouraged but some people do it when a person goes idle from their team at the start of the game. When surrendering, the AFK or the Idle user gets punished, but other players won’t lose a star.

Leveling up and progression

There are many ways to gain experience to level up your account in Mobile Legends, primary source is the EXP earned from matches, other places include daily activity rewards and events. With leveling up you unlock more Battle spells (Abilities), and unlock more parts of the game.

When you start, you will gain a lot of gold and tickets from events and quests, but it is recommended to limit yourself only to a few heroes, so you can master them faster. An important thing later in the game (level 15 plus) is joining a squad or creating one. You can gain extra rewards from that and playing with people who you know or match well with is a big help to rank up.

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