Mobile Legends Hero Guide: Chang’E

Today, we bring to you another Mobile Legends Hero Guide on Chang’E. The patch 1.4.76 buffed this hero. Now, this hero can prove to be more dominant in Mobile Legends.

Hero Understanding

Chang’e has been buffed recently in the 1.4.76 Patch of Mobile Legends. Magic Power of each Meteor of her Ultimate (Meteor Shower) has been increased from 20% to 25% which makes her even more insane.

Compared to other Mages, Chang’e is extremely versatile. Her second skill Crescent Moon gives her armor shield and increased movement speed. This gives her an upper-hand in terms of ganking or roaming in the early game.

Skills Analysis

(Passive) Trouble Maker

This skill is very similar to Gord’s Passive. However, this is more continuous as every damage leaves a mark and the next skill dealt will increase by 2% (stack up to 40%). Now, this is the reason why staying in Chang’e Ultimate is not the best thing to do. This also means that you have to aim your Ultimate as accurately as possible.

Starmoon Shockwave

Chang’e sends energy ball forward which deals Magic Damage and slows the enemy by 40%. This CC skill helps you in ganking. To do that you Flicker in first, use the 1st skill, do some Basic Attack and if Enemy is not dead yet, use the Ultimate to finish off.

Crescent Moon

Chang’e 2nd skill gives her a shield and increases her movement speed by 15%. Normally, you should spam this skill to roam around the map. This skill is very useful in the early game especially when you want to gank Bottom Lane to help your Marksman to farm better.

Meteor Shower

Her Ultimate is like a burst of Meteors. Each meteor deals damage to the enemy heroes. You can use this ability in two ways:
(1) For dealing damage
(2) To save your teammate when you try to escape.

Power Spell


It is advised to generally go for Flicker. This helps you to ambush your enemies.The best combo to use is:
(Flicker-> 1st skill-> 2nd skill-> Basic Attack-> Ultimate)
Also, Flicker gives the possibility to run, which can prove to be better than Sprint in many cases.

Item Builds


Hunter’s Knife

The first item that should be build up while playing Chang’e is the hunter’s knife. This is because it allows you to farm faster and makes it easier to take the Blue Buff. Sometimes, you can upgrade it to Curse Sword but it may not be necessary if the pace of the game is fast enough for you to get a better item: Shoes – Core.


Magic Shoes

This gives you Cooldown reduction. Thus it is preferred to buy the magic shoes.


Glowing Wand

This item gives a burning effect on your skills. This scales very well with Change’s Ultimate.

Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal can increase the Magic Power (casual item for Mage Hero). This item is also helpful because of chang’e skills (1st, 2nd and Ultimate) ‘somewhat’ depended on Total amount of Magic Power.

Divine Glaive

This item increases the Magic PEN, which in-turn increase her Ultimate damage towards the enemy hero.

Ice Queen Wand

This item can slow an enemy on skills (Ultimate). Normally, you should buy this as your 2nd or 3rd item. This is because it is extremely useful to pair this item with your Ultimate.


Necklace of Durance

This can be bought to reduce HP Regen. This is a situational item and can be bought when an enemy uses his HP Regen’s ability (mainly used by Tanks). Necklace or no Necklace, it is your choice and it depends on the situation in the game.
There’s no particular recipe for how you should play a hero or what the hero essentially needs – MPW


It is advised to stay behind your team and help them by dealing damage to the enemies. However, at times you can try to use your Ultimate by going close to the enemies, so that it is more effective. 


Early Game

  1. Mid-lane is preferred with Chang’e because you can have the blue buff and she is a long-range Mage which makes it easier to harass and farm.
  2. You should generally farm till you reach level four. Then you should start roaming with your 2nd skill as your Ultimate is very useful in the early game. Besides, CC skills (1st skill) also helps!

Mid/Late Game

  1. It is advised to pressure early with Chang’e always because once your enemy Hero starts building defense items towards Magic Attack (in late game), chang’e becomes less effective. So you should play aggressively as Chang’e.


Chang’e is a relatively easy-to-play Mage hero and is very frequently used in a ranked game. This is because of:
(1) Her damage output
(2) Her mobility. 

She is very similar to Pharsa: Good mobility and high damage Ultimate. One difference is that Pharsa lacks mobility during her Ultimate which makes it easier to burst her down. But for Chang’e, you are not bound by a slow speed while using the Ultimate. Thus, it can prove to be helpful.

Would you like to suggest some other build? What are your views for this Mobile Legends hero guide on Chang’e?

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