Marvel Super War May 21 Update: Patch Analysis

Today, we are going to talk about the major update of Marvel Super War that brought about some changes on May 21, 2020. We are going to break down the hero changes one by one so that you can use it to your own advantage in the game.

Skin updates

Arcade Star-lord
Dark Groot – Battle Pass 004
Free Skin – Incentive for maintaining good conduct

Hero Updates

1. Iceman


Frost (Passive)

Iceman’s passive ability “Frost” works both offensively and defensively at the same time. Every time he hits an enemy with his auto-attack or skills, he applies a layer of Frost to his enemies. Once the Frost layers reach 100, the enemy freezes, dealing CC and extra HP damage. Iceman also gains a shield.

Difference: Frost Shield – (Level 18, 500 energy attack)
Old: 160(+45% energy attack) – 385 HP shield
New: 120(+15*level)(+65% energy attack) – 715 HP shield
Difference: 330 HP

The value has almost been doubled! The added level coefficient and increased energy attack coefficient ensures that Iceman’s shield will properly scale throughout the game.

Bone Chill (Ability 1)

The cool down has been decreased. There is nothing much to discuss here. You should remember to glide for the whole duration and avoid pressing the attack button because Bone Chill can be cancelled through attacking. Also, be mindful of your position while casting this skill. This is because it’s easy to lose awareness of your position when focusing on hitting your enemy.

Absolute Zero (Ultra-skill)

Absolute Zero has three phases:
1. Initial Cast Projectile – A line of ice travels through the ground. The first enemy hit suffers instant damage, instant freeze (0.5 seconds), and will become the epicenter of the second phase.
2. Spread of Cold Air – After an enemy hero is hit or when the skill’s phase one reaches its maximum distance, the skill will spread further dealing damage and adding 4 layers of frost to enemies.
3. Linger of Cold Air – Once the spread finishes, the cold air lingers for two seconds adding 1 layer of frost to the enemies per second.

Absolute Zero’s phase two has been buffed by a large amount. The spread speed has increased by 300 yards (more or less the range of a melee attack). and its spreading speed has been doubled. It is now easier to hit more enemies with Iceman’s Ultra-skill.

Difference: Initial Damage – (Level 18, 500 energy attack)
Old: 800 (+90% energy damage) – 1,250 energy damage
New: 900 (+100% energy damage) – 1,400 energy damage
Difference: 150 energy damage

Difference: Spread Damage – (Level 18, 500 energy attack)
Old: 620 (+70% energy damage) – 970 energy damage
New: 720 (+80% energy damage) – 1,120 energy damage
Difference: 150 energy damage

Total difference: 300 damage
300 damage might not seem much but Iceman was never built to be a Nuker type hero. He was designed to be CC type hero so any damage increase is just an added bonus. Coupled with his cool down buff, his Ultra-skill is now buffed enough to make a significant impact on the game.

Item suggestion

Regeneration Cradle

Iceman is way better as a support than a mid laner. Regeneration Cradle has a passive of +20% increase healing/shielding effects which synergizes well with the Frost Shield buff. Moreover, it also has 10% cool down reduction and 7% move speed bonus which is very good for Iceman.


+1 Tier increase
From C tier mid to B tier mid
From B tier support to A tier support

Iceman is not as good in the mid lane as he is as a support. He does not have enough mobility and burst damage to be an effective mid lane core. He shines when he is fighting a tank-heavy lineup but he can effectively do the same as a support hero. His lower cooldown kit can bring havoc to the enemies through his CC’s which makes him very effective even as a low net worth support.



Instastrike (Ability 1) & Hypercharge (Ability 2)


Quicksilver’s skill patches are just slight adjustments that allow his skill’s spamming ability to scale. He starts off being able to use Instatrike and Hypercharge up to only twice each in a drawn-out early skirmish. This was the case through out the game before the patch. But now, he is able to cast his basic skills up to four times each in a long drawn battle in the late stages of the game.


Spatial Relativity (Ultra-skill)

Spatial Relativity now affects his teammates at a lower factor of 40%. This means that Quicksilver’s teammates are slowed, but the slow down is much less compared to their enemies. This does not mean that you can now casually trap your teammates inside your Ultra-skill. Allies inside your globe of slowness are pretty much still seating ducks much like your enemies. What this adjustment does is it now allows your teammate trapped in the border of your Ultra-skill escape much more easily than before. It is not overpowered. It has just been adjusted to become a little more forgiving.

Item Suggestion


Quicksilver’s changes are focused on increasing his mobility and scaling the number of spamming skills. So a high cooldown reduction build is suggested. The Stormbreaker has everything that he needs in order to be a spam type Assassin from the additional HP to the cooldown reduction to the movement speed bonus and even armor penetration.


+2 tier increase
From C tier to A tier

A rise in Quicksilver users on high tier matches has been noted. This hero is now actually carrying the team to victory. Nonetheless, he does not have the capabilities to be a top S tier assassin. But play him right and you can have a star and an MVP on your hands.

Captain Marvel


Photon Energy (Passive)

Captain Marvel’s Passive – Photon Energy allows her to dive into the enemy lines. Also giving her a shield upon impact on a skill or an auto-attack. Previously, you had to land 3 damage instances in order to activate her shield. But this patch made changed it to 1 damage instance. This means that the shield activates upon immediate contact with the enemy.

Difference: Photon Energy – Level 18 (500 extra physical attack)
Old: (+120% extra physical attack) – 600 HP Shield
New: (+180% extra physical attack) – 900 HP Shield
Difference: 300 HP Shield

The difference of 300 HP could mean life or death in a close fight.

Flash Strike (Ability 1)

Captain Marvel’s Flash strike can now reset the basic attack’s cooldown. This means that she can immediately land a basic attack after using the Flash strike. It also makes her land her attacks faster.
Using the combo- Ability 1 -> Auto Attack -> Ability 1 -> Auto Attack in quick succession will help you to burst down most of the enemy cores.

Flash Strike while in Dualstar form

Meteor Shuttle

Stage 1 of the Meteor Shuttle

Meteor Shower is a two-stage ability. Captain Marvel dives straight in the first stage and gives a 15% armor penetration bonus on her next basic attack. The second stage makes her leap into a location knocking up enemies at the center.
Make sure to initiate a fight by using this ability to take advantage of the armor penetration.

Difference: Meteor Shuttle (Level 18, 500 extra physical attack)
Old: 370 (+80% extra physical attack) – 770 physical damage
New: 370 (+120% extra physical attack) – 970 physical damage
Difference: 200 physical damage each stage (400 physical damage total)

Meteor Shuttle in Dualstar form (Increased knockup range)

Item Suggestions

Mars Blaze

Mars Blaze should be chosen as her jungling item because it gives the additional HP that allows her to dive enemy lines freely. The early heavy attack bonus synergizes well with her skills too.


+1 tier increase
From B tier to A tier

Captain Marvel has always been a niche jungler pick. But this patch increased her high tier play rate. However, she is being overshadowed by Quicksilver. She was already strong in the right hands and now some players fear that she might turn overpowered. I believe that in terms of damage potential she is already an S tier. But the long cooldown of the Ultra-skill and lack of survivability and mobility that S tier heroes like Deadpool, Captain America, And Star-Lord posses, balances her out to be just an A tier jungler.



Master of Magnetism (Ability 1)

Before patch
After patch

As you can see that the metal ball in the middle is slightly further away in the second picture (after patch) above. This can not only help in poking in the laning phase but also it can help Magneto to set up his Ultra-skill with ease.

Magnetic Radiation

Magneto’s Ability to slow down the enemies is now constant at all levels. This allows him to poke and kite enemies more effectively in the early stages of the game.

Item Suggestions

The Eye of Agamotto allows Magneto to safely cast his Ultra-skill in the middle of the enemy heroes. Remember to cast your first ability and use basic attacks after casting your skills. This should be done before activating your Ultra-skill. Then use the Eye of Agamotto immediately after casting your Ultra-skill if needed.


No tier change
B tier

Even though Magneto received a couple of buffs in the past few patches, but he is still not relevant. This is due to the fact that his kit is simply underwhelming. He needs to be close to his enemies to be effective but it makes him vulnerable to the enemies. His shield is not enough to save him against bruisers and assassins. He could shine in a crowd control heavy team but there are other mid laners who can be more effective than him.



Trident of Neptune (Ability 2)

Namor’s Trident of Neptune now has a bigger hit box making it easier to hit enemies. Remember to use your first ability first because enemies can only be pulled if they are under a pool of Namor’s creation.

Difference: Trident of Neptune (Level 18, 5,000 extra max HP)
Old: 300 (+8% extra max HP) – 700 HP shield
New: 420 (+12% extra max hp) – 1,020 HP shield
Difference: 320 HP shield

But are these buffs enough to justify the change to Namor’s Ultra-skill?

Deep-Sea Vortex

Namor’s Ultra-skill is now pretty much useless. It’s a single damage skill that creates a barrier around the target. Enemies with dash or blink type skills can still easily go in and out of the barrier. It’s not even a vortex anymore. We can now call it the Deep Sea Barrier.

New damage: (Level 18, 500 physical attack, 5,000 extra max HP)
620 (+100% physical attack) (+14% extra max HP) – 1,820 physical damage

Don’t let the burst damage fool you. This is because Namor isn’t an assassin. He is a team fight bruiser.


-3 tier decrease
from S tier to C tier

I won’t even bother with an item suggestion segment for Namor. Unless the Deep Sea Vortex is changed again to have at least one initial AoE pull, we should not even think about using him. If you want someone with hook and team fight disruptions, Groot and Cull Obsidian are way better options right now.



Energy Card (Ability 1)

Before patch
After patch

Gambit’s Energy Card skill has been nerfed slightly reducing its mid-range and long-range damage.

(Damages are based on level 18, no items)
Point blank:
Old: 415 + 975 – 1,390 mixed damage
New: 408 + 981 – 1,389 mixed damage
Difference: 1

Mid range:
Old: 261 + 455 – 716 mixed damage
New: 265 + 395 – 392 – 657 mixed damage
Difference: 59

Long range:
Old: 261+247 – 508 mixed damage
New: 265 + 147 – 415 mixed damage
Difference: 93

Some damage values are neglected for simplicity’s sake


No tier change
A tier

Gambit has been nerfed but with an ignorant amount. Although, it does give fleeing enemies a fighting chance. Gambit is a strong hero who is fun to play and difficult to deal with. The only reason why Gambit is not on the marksman S tier list is because of his playstyle. He is more of an assassin than a marksman. But either way, you can still use him to breeze through the ranks of high elo games and grab a lot of MVPs along the way.

Black Night


Ebony Blade (Ability 2)

Black Knight’s ability 2 is hit hard by the nerf hammer. But I believe it is justified. Usually, a hero would specialize in either crowd control, mobility, or burst damage. But Black Knight has all of these. so reducing his damage and sustainability is a good balance.

Difference: Ebony Blade damage (Level 18, 500 physical attack, 5,000 enemy max HP)
Old: 300 (+65% physical attack) (+4% enemy max HP) – 825 physical damage per hit
New: 280 (+55% physical attack) (+4% enemy max HP) – 755 physical damage per hit
Difference: 70 physical damage per hit or 210 total physical damage

Difference: Ebony Blade heal (Level 18, 500 physical attack, 2,500 lost HP)
Old: 160 (+25% physical attack) (+3% lost HP) – 360 HP per hit
New: 120 (+15% physical attack) (+3% lost HP) – 270 HP per hit
Difference: 90 HP per hit or 270 total HP

Total HP gap nerf: 480 HP

Black Knight loses a total of 480 HP Gap per cast of his second ability. Considering he casts the spell thrice in a single battle, he loses a total of 1,440 HP gap advantage after the nerf. This is a huge nerf.


-1 tier change
From S tier jungler to A tier jungler
From A tier top lane to B tier top lane

Before the nerf, Black Knight can almost mindlessly zoom in and out a team fight. But considering this nerf, he should now be mindful of his HP and be careful when to use his skills. Black Knight is still strong with his map-wide presence because of his mobility. The players just need time to use his skills to easily get out of a fight when needed.

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15 years MOBA experience. Legendary Master rank in Marvel Super War - Asia (PH).

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      That Iceman build wil surely give you a win! Stay tuned for more builds in the future!


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