Marvel Super War June 4 Update: Patch Analysis

A new update dropped on June 4 in Marvel Super War. There are several changes but none of then is game-changing. Here is a patch analysis for Marvel Super War June 4 update. This article will also provide you with a guide on how to play these heroes.

Marvel Super War June 4 Patch Analysis: Hero Updates

Dr. Strange

Marvel Super War Dr Strange


Passive: Cloak of Levitation

Dr. Strange’s passive is his lifesaver. First and foremost, a good Dr. Strange wouldn’t even be seen much by the enemy. But this patch wants Dr. Strange up close and personal. We’ll see why, below.

1st Nerf– His passive is nerfed in the sense that Dr. Strange can now receive damage even when his passive is active. So if Dr. Strange is hit by a fat Starlord’s homing’s first skill, there is a high probability that he will die. Whereas earlier this was not the case. This is one of the biggest nerf to Dr. Strange.

In compensation to this, the healing received upon activation of the passive is increased by 5% and the cool down was decreased by a minute. Even so, it’s better if you practice yourself to not have your passive activated.

Skill 2: Bolts of Balthakk

Bolts of Balthakk was nerfed to not bounce upon passing a portal. This increases the sniping difficulty with Dr. Strange.

The area inside the red lines represents the areas where an enemy can be hit by Dr. Strange’s Bolts of Balthakk. The areas inside the yellow lines are areas where the enemies can be hit potentially, before the patch, because the bolts can ricochet. Thus, it is visible that this is a very big nerf. If you have trouble hitting his Bolts through the portal, be mindful of the angle. The angle is mirrored. If the enemy is on the left side of the far portal, stand on the right side of the near portal before casting your Bolts. Just like how you would aim your Ultra-skill.

Bolts of Balthakk damage change

As compensation, the bolts received a damage increase. As follows:
(level 18, 1000 energy damage)

Old: 400 + 55% EP = 950 Energy damage
New: 440 + 65% EP = 1090 Energy damage
Difference: 140 Energy damage or 280 Energy damage if struck twice

Bolts of Balthakk already hit like a truck before the change and now its damage has been increased even further. Personally, I think the damage increase was an overcompensation and is not necessary.

Skill 3: Inter-Dimensional Portal

The change did not increase the portal’s uptime. Rather, it increased the ability’s casting time. Thus, giving enemies a little more chance to react before Dr. Strange can cast his ability 2 or his Ultra-skill.

Item Suggestion

These items are the basic item lineup for almost all Energy heroes for maximum damage output. However, you can usually opt-out of the Arc Reactor (the first item) for its component, the Frosted Spirit Orb (shown in the picture). This is because you can build the damage items such as the Cosmic Cube faster and deal much more damage earlier in the game.


No tier change
S tier

Dr. Strange is still your top tier mage. If your team is not going to use him, Ban him! All that he lost is some precision with his Bolts of Balthakk portal sniping. But in the hands of a good Dr. Strange user, he is not nerfed. He is actually buffed. The change actually raised his skill floor and ceilin. This is a good thing for the game but don’t be fooled, he is still overpowered. He is definitely not fun to play against.


Marvel Super War Angel
Archangel Skin – Free with the Prestige System


Skill 1: Judgment

There is nothing much to talk about Angel’s first skill. Max this second.

Skill 2: Sacred Feathers

The damage tweaks for Sacred feathers are a bit complicated. We’ll get there in a while but I want to emphasize that the damage dealt by the skill against minions is buffed by 200%. This has significantly increased Angel’s capability to farm.

Sacred Feathers damage change

The initial damage and number of feathers was increased but the damage of consecutive feathers was decreased. (Level 18, 500 extra physical attack.)

Old: 280 + 45% extra p. attack + 25%*9*(280+45% extra p. attack) = 1,641 physical damage
New: 340 + 55% extra p. attack + 15%*10*(340+55% extra p. attack) = 1,537 physical damage

It actually surprised me that the single target damage of Sacred Feathers is nerfed. This is mostly because of the 25% to 15% consecutive feather damage.

Another change is that the algorithm concerning the Sacred Feather spread was changed so that the feathers would hit more targets. The area affected was also increased. In the case of a Sacred Feather spread, the new damage mechanic dishes a higher amount of damage.

Item Suggestions

This item build on Angel is focused on dealing large amounts of damage in a short time. One of the good points of Angel is his ability to suddenly pick off low health back liners using his Ultra-skill. Godslayer helps with this with its execution passive.


+1 tier
B tier to A tier

The buff on his farming capability alone increases his tier by a step. However, it is still doubtful whether Angel can carry games like Gambit, Starlord, Vision, or Yondu.


Marvel Super War Vision


Skill 2: Solar Radiation

I don’t believe that the slow nerf will have a negative impact on Vision’s early game phase. This is because what makes Vision strong in the early game, in my opinion, is his free Ultra-skill. Not the slow of the Solar Radiation.

Nonetheless, the removal of the slow gives Vision’s enemies a little more breathing room. Even so, it can be noted that his Ability 2 is mostly used to clear creeps in the early game.

Ultra-skill: Solar Energy Beam

Before the patch, the problem with Vision was that he could not deal with consistent high output damage like Hawkeye and Yondu. But with the scaling tweak to his Ultra-skill’s passive, Vision can now compete with their damage. Even so, a good Vision should be able to snipe enemy squishes without even having to use his auto-attack.

Item Suggestions

With the buff with Vision’s Ultra-skill passive, Nightsword is now definitely a must-have with Vision. With the stacking of the passives, Vision can consistently dish out 2k damage auto attacks not to mention his Ultra-skill can dish out up to 3k damage.


No tier change
S tier

Vision was already a top tier Marksman even before the tweak. This is the same now because his late-game’s weakest point has been addressed. Just remember to save your first ability in case the enemy’s assassin gets a jump on you. And don’t forget to abuse wall shifting every time after using your ultra-skill.

Cloak and Dagger

Marvel Super War Cloak and Dagger
Midnight Punk Skin – Free with the Prestige System


Skill 1: Light Daggers

The Light Daggers were just an annoying poke that can be used to gather charges before the change. But now it is capable of dealing with serious poke damage.

Light Daggers damage change

The energy scaling is seriously off the charts for this skill. It is to encourage players to build their energy items instead of just tank items. (Level 18, 500 energy attack).

Old: 480 +55% energy attack = 755 energy damage
New: 540 +85% energy attack = 965 energy damage
Difference: 210 energy damage

The energy damage now is on par with mid energy heroes.

Skill 2: Living Light

Living Light provides an Area of Effect heal which increases based on the number of Life power stacks that she has obtained from her basic attacks and Light Dagger hits.

Living Light heal change

We will compute the heal amount with max stacks. (Level 18, 500 energy attack)

Old: 380 + 45% energy attack + 3*(80+10% energy attack) = 995 HP heal
New: 280 + 70% energy attack + 3*(40+15% energy attack) = 975 HP heal
Difference: –20 HP heal

The amount by which Cloak and Dagger heals has actually been decreased. And this is with three energy items ( gives approximately 500 energy attacks). Now, building Cloak and dagger with fewer energy items which was the meta before the patch will yield even less healing.

Ultra-skill: Darkforce Dimension

Jumping from 40% energy scaling to 150% is a big leap in terms of scale. The devs really want Cloak and Dagger players to build her energy attack items.

Darkforce dimension heal change

(Level 18, 500 energy attack)

Old: 2,000 +40% energy attack = 2,200 HP heal
New: 1,600 +150% energy attack = 2,350 HP heal
Difference: 150 HP heal

Like in the case of Living Light, building more energy items will increase the heal and building more tank items will decrease the heal.

Item Suggestions

Due to the scaling changes in Cloak and Dagger’s skills, I believe Regeneration Cradle is now a must-have item on her. Obviously, this will make Cloak and Dagger players play the game on the safer side but I believe the 20% regeneration amp is too good to pass up.


No tier change
S tier

Cloak and dagger’s change is a pain for players who main her in my opinion because instead of focusing on building tank items on her, the players now have to weigh in their decision if she needs more energy items because building no energy items will reduce her healing capability considerably. A squishy Cloak and Dagger is like walking money for good assassins so you have to be a lot more aware of your surroundings. Lastly, do not forget to take advantage of Cloak and dagger’s Ability 3, silence, that allows you to cancel many abilities like Ronan’s Ultra-skill.


Marvel Super War Groot


Skill 1: Bark Stab

The range of Bark Stab now accurately reflects the animation of the skill. It was previously a problem when the skill clearly hit the enemy but was not pulled.

Bark Stab damage change

(Level 18, 500 energy attack, 5,000 extra max HP)

Old: 430 +80% energy attack = 830 energy damage
New: 600 +80% energy attack + 5% extra max HP = 1,250 energy damage
Difference: 420 energy damage

The extra max HP damage is definitely a welcome change. I don’t actually know anyone who builds energy items on Groot. I just added the energy attack damage there for computation’s sake. If you, the reader, use energy items and found success, please do let me know in the comments section.

Skill 2: Branch Slap

The cool down reduction is a big buff to Groot because this skill gives a substantial amount of armor to him.

Item Suggestions

Starlight Armor will give Groot a bit of a punch with his auto-attacks. Remember that every auto-attack of Groot will reduce the cool down of his Bark Stab by 1 second. Take this item suggestion, as all item suggestions, with a grain of salt. Most of the time, though, doing a full defensive build is better.


No tier change
C tier

Groot remains on the bottom tier for supports because even with the damage buff, his skills are still underwhelming compared to other supports.


Marvel Super War Mantis


Skill 1: Life Drain

Mostly everything about the first skill of Mantis is buffed. From the damage to the heal to the slow.

Life Drain value changes

(Level 18, 500 energy attack)

Old: 420 +60% energy attack = 720 energy damage
New: 580 +80% energy attack = 980 energy damage
Difference: 260 energy damage

Old: 30% energy attack = 150 HP heal
New: 65% energy attack = 325 HP heal
Difference: 175 HP heal

Similar to Cloak and Dagger, 80% of energy attack scaling is a big deal. Additionally, the 325 HP heal is granted per enemy hero struck. It’s a potential 1,625 HP heal which can be transferred partly to the hero you are linked to.

Skill 2: Spirit Bond

The base value scaling has been reduced in exchange for a stronger energy attack scaling.

Spirit bond heal change

(Level 18, 500 energy attack)

Old: 80 +15% energy attack = 155 HP heal per second
New: 50 +22% energy attack = 160 HP heal per second

Again, just like with Cloak and Dagger, the more energy items you build, the stronger the effect of the change will be.

Item Suggestions

The emphasis on energy attack scaling makes Regeneration Cradle an item that is too good to pass up on Mantis. Also, it is suggested to build Megingjord on her. This is because the regeneration that she receives is transferred to the hero she is linked to through her second ability.


No tier change
C tier

Mantis remains a niche counter pick against high mobility heroes. Even so, there are better counters such as Hulk or Namor suited for that role. Furthermore, Cloak and Dagger simply outclasses Mantis in every way by a large margin.

Rocket Raccoon

Marvel Super War Rocket Raccoon


Item Suggestions

Silent Hunter remains a staple item for Rocket Raccoon because he can clear creep waves faster using this item. This is essential for him to stack his passive fast. (Have you also noticed that the Silent Hunter” has a loud sound effect?)


No tier change
C tier

Rocket Raccoon remains at the bottom of the pack of Marksmen. Although his late-game damage is scaled to an acceptable level again, it is simply doubtful that the game will reach a stage where he is unstoppable. If you want to play as a late-game unstoppable turret, Hawkeye is currently a better choice in almost all imaginable situations.


This was all for Marvel Super War June 4 patch analysis. There are no game-breaking changes this time around. Seven heroes with only one tier change. Let me know if I missed something! And stay tuned for more Marvel Super War analysis and guides!

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