Marvel Super War Hero Guide: Daredevil

Daredevil is the latest addition to the hero list in Marvel Super War. This hero was added to the game on 28th May 2020. Daredevil is an assassin who can outplay his enemies using his radar sense ability. Today we bring to you a Marvel Super War Hero guide on Daredevil. This guide can help you to dominate every game.

Matthew Murdock

Exposed to a radioactive chemical in a childhood accident, Matthew Murdock was blinded. But he gained enhanced senses which were beyond normal human ability, becoming the Daredevil. He is an Assassin hero who relies on his extraordinary radar senses to control the follow of battle, using the dark of night to deliver judgment on his enemies.



  1. Daredevil has extreme mobility. His skills allow him to sneak in and out of the battlefield with extreme precision.
  2. This hero also has an insane amount of burst damage. Squishy enemies can be easy prey for Daredevil even if they use their escape skills/tactics in the best possible way.
  3. Daredevil has an adequate sustain. His passive heal allows him to gank and roam with minimal need to return to the base.


  1. Daredevil has a very high learning curve. His skills are not easy to master. As a beginner, you will be able to use him to some extent but it takes serious skills and practice to use him to his full capacity.
  2. Daredevil’s health is extremely low. If you are not careful while using your skills and while diving the enemy lines, a single crowd control skill can bring you down.


Natural Passive: Man Without Fear

Passive – Enhanced Perception: This ability allows Daredevil to “see” enemies when they use a skill around Daredevil in an area roughly 2 screens wide. This passive will work even if they are inside a bush or cloaked by Invisible Woman’s Ultra-skill.

Passive – Enhanced Attack: Daredevil gains some attack speed bonus, damage bonus, and heals every time he uses his blink ability. Using the enhanced attack also reduces his second ability’s cool down. This effect can also stack.

Ability 1: Billy Club Bash

Daredevil hurls his weapon towards the target location. Keep in mind that his weapon can mark Heroes, Minions, and even Creeps. It also has a very narrow hitbox so there is a need to time this ability well.

Enemies hit by the skill will receive a mark that persists for 4 seconds until you use this ability again or if the distance is more than 1800 yards. (roughly about 1 and a half screen away from the enemy)

If you use this ability again, you will fly towards the marked enemy. Using this ability can cost you death if you are not mindful of the enemy’s position. You should use phase 2 of this ability only when you have your second ability and blink tactic.

Ability 2: Blind Pursuit

This skill is what makes or breaks a good Daredevil player. The second ability allows Daredevil to jump twice when he encounters an obstacle, a wall, or a tower. Also, a destroyed tower counts. You should try to make it a habit to jump twice while using this ability of Daredevil. This is because it will also allow Daredevil to gain another stack of his enhanced attack passive.

As you can see in the screenshots, the direction where you point the second ability will determine the direction of your first jump. The direction where you point your cursor movement will determine the direction of the second jump.

Ultra-skill: Guardian Strike

Daredevil’s Ultra-skill displaces his target enemy and also other enemy heroes around his target enemy. Be careful to use his Ultra-skill as it can also disrupt your team’s favorable position.

When to use Guardian Strike:

  1. To knock the enemy back towards your tower. A clean pull-off can result in a sure kill.
  2. To turn a fight to your advantage. If enemies are crowded together, position yourself right in the middle of their team and use your Ultra-skill. This will throw one or two enemies near your teammates and the other enemies further away from them. Remember, only use this tactic if you have your flash up and if the enemies have recently used their crowd control skills.
  3. To kick enemies away from you as you fly.
  4. To ensure a kill- You can do a wall combo with Daredevil. You have to be in the corner of the map for this to work. Use the Ultra-skill in the direction of the corner of the map causing the enemy to bounce out of the map and back in the same spot. If you succeed in pulling this off, it causes massive damage to the enemy hero.

Item Suggestions

Double daggers gives armor penetration, cool down reduction, and move speed bonus. This item offers everything an assassin needs.

Nightsword– This item synergizes well whit Daredevil’s passive because it increases his enhanced attack capabilities.

Godslayer allows Daredevil to easily kill enemies with low health. This is because of this item’s execute passive. It deals with large bonus damage to low health targets.

Megingjord is our late-game pick because it allows Daredevil to continually pester enemies and pick off low health heroes late in the game. Furthermore, this item synergizes well with Daredevil’s passive sustain as Megingjord increases healing effects.

*Complete the boots with your boots of choice depending on the enemy lineup.

Power Core

This Power Core build can help you to play super-aggressive using Daredevil.

Unstable Radiation – Increases burst damage.
Rend Particle – Ensures kills. It works well with the Red buff.
Restoration Module – Heals after a kill/assist. It helps with chaining kills.
Agility Boost – Makes roaming faster.


Daredevil is a high replayability kind of hero. It takes a lot of games to master him but mastering him is worth it. He has the potential of an A-tier hero. If you want to play Daredevil as your main, remember:
1. Do not initiate team fights. You are an assassin who specializes in picking off enemies one by one.
2. Time your skills- Do not spam your skills blindly as it will lead to the hero’s death. Daredevil relies on his skills to move, thrive, and survive. Find a rhythm that works for you.
3. Experiment with skill combos- This Marvel Super War hero guide on Daredevil does not have a combo section because his combos can be played in various different ways. There is no one way to play Daredevil correctly. Play around with him and learn about the various combos that can work for different scenarios.

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