Marvel Super War Hero Guide: Ant-Man

The June 11 update in Marvel Super War brought about big changes to one of the strongest top laner, Ant-Man. Here is a Marvel Super War guide on Ant-Man that takes you through the changes and basics with playing the superb size-changing hero!


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  1. Ant-Man is extremely versatile. He can be played as a Fighter and more popularly, as a Tank.
  2. His Super-Soldier form makes him extremely tanky with the extra physical and energy defense. He hits like a truck in this form as well.
  3. His Ant-sized form allows him to maneuver the battlefield quickly with the bonus movement speed.
  4. Ant-Man has a wide range of crowd control in the form of knock-ups and slows.
  5. He can also clear the lanes and the towers FAST!


  1. Ant-Man is extremely slow in his Super Soldier form. This increases his difficulty and learning curve.
  2. Due to being large and slow in Super Soldier form, he is particularly vulnerable to skill shots.
  3. Ant-Man has little defensive capabilities outside his Super Solider form.


Natural Passive: Quantum Ray


Ant-Man’s Quantum Ray damages and silences his enemies in front of him and increases his damage to affected enemies during the duration.

The Quantum Ray has medium-range about three heroes long and one hero wide. Remember that your first attack every 10 seconds can cause this effect.

The Quantum Ray is not a sure hit. Treat it as a skill shot because it has a slight delay meaning a moving enemy has the chance to evade this passive.

Ability 1: Ant Charge

Ant-Man jumps towards the target location and hits the enemies twice.

Ant Charge’s effect transforms depending on Ant-Man’s current form which we will discuss next.

Ability 2: Ant-Sized

The Ant-Sized state is best used to initiate and escape due to the movement speed bonus.

June 11 change

Ant-Man cannot be targetted in his ant-sized state previously. But it has now been nerfed. Therefore remember that he is now targetable in his Ability 2 form. In exchange, the duration was doubled. Allowing Ant-Man to quickly roam and traverse the map with ease.

To clarify: The damage reduction during Ant-sized form is no more.

Ant Charge – Ant-Sized version

Ant Charge in the Ant-sized version hits with around 50% more damage than the original Ant Charge due to the June 11 change. Make sure to hit enemies after using this ability to maximize damage with the heavy attack passive.

June 11 change

Ability 3: Super Soldier

Super Soldier is Ant-Man’s bread and butter.

Use it to:
1. Wreak havoc and control enemies.
2. Tank hits and protect your back line.
3. Demolish enemy towers.

The first noticeable change in the Super Soldier Form is the addition of the attack range display.

The attack range display is now also available for the Ant Charge – Super Solider version.

Aside from the visual guide change, the damage was also adjusted.

LevelPhysical AttackEnemy Max HPSuper Soldier Attack – OldSuper Soldier Attack – New

The adjustment clearly shows that the new damage scaling makes the Super Soldier’s auto attack weaker from levels 1 to 5 but stronger the rest of the game.

LevelPhysical AttackEnemy Max HPAnt Charge – Super Soldier – OldAnt Charge – Super Soldier  – New

Meanwhile, Ant Charge in Super Soldier Form is clearly buffed.

The great thing about the Super Soldier attacks is that they are partially based on enemy HP that helps a lot in dealing with tanks.

There is a very slow wind up to the Super Soldier attacks which makes it easy to dodge especially with mobility skills. A way to counteract this and land crucial knock-ups and even finishers is to readjust yourself using the blink tactic.

You can do this by using the blink tactic in the middle of the attack animation just before it lands. You can actually do this with a lot of heroes but I love doing it with Ant-Man simply because it looks so cool.

Ultra-Skill: Flying Ant Swarm

Zoom in to see the flying ants.

Ant-Man’s Ultra-Skill, in my opinion, is Over Powered. It can deal maximum damage of 1,200(!!!) in level 6. That is more damage than most mid energy heroes can dish at level 6. It can also slow to a maximum of 90%(!!!).

Flying Ant Swarm can also affect towers. Using this skill in conjunction with the Super Soldier Form can eat towers in less than 3 seconds(!!!).

Item suggestions

Equip Ant-Man with Double Daggers and watch your enemies melt, even the tanks! With his damage increase, Ant-Man is now more viable building a fighter. Although you should take caution and only consider this build if you have another tank that can provide space for your team.

Power Core

The Time Lag power core gives you another strong slow in your arsenal that helps you and your team in picking off your enemies. Also, it can be noted that Ant-Man already has a lot of damage. Thus, he does not need more of it.

Since you will be in the middle of the fight, the Action Particle Program that gives a 4% attack boost when you have less than 70% HP will almost always be up.

The Strength Module Program gives you extra HP. This will definitely help because the Super Soldier Form already has the extra physical and energy defense covered.

The Combat Boost Program increases your cooldown reduction allowing you to use your skills and be an impact throughout the battlefield more often.


These heroes allows Ant-Man to operate with ease across the battlefield.

Namor‘s Ultra-Skill, Deep Sea Barrier Vortex gives Ant-Man a boxed (it’s a circle, though) platform to pummel enemies.

Invisible Woman‘s Invisible Force Field allows Ant-Man to get close to his enemies and get a good footing for his Super Soldier Form. The imprisonment helps Ant-Man secure a good hit as well. Her Psionic Light can easily be activated by Ant-Man in his Ant-sized form for easy pick offs. Also, her shields make Ant-Man tougher than he already is.

Ronan‘s Hammer Smash and Worldshaker, combined with Ant-Man’s crowd control will make your enemies think twice about playing Marvel Super War again. Six consecutive knock-ups won’t be fun in the receiving end. Ronan is also naturally tanky creating room for a fighter type Ant-Man.


Executioner is Ant-Man’s bane in the top lane. He can eat your attacks with his shield, displace you with his fear and, heal himself up with his passive. When facing Executioner, make sure to not fill up his Bloodthirst passive. Play safe and wait for your Ultra-Skill to be up for opportunities to push or counterattack.

Iron man simply hits hard enough to make Ant-Man shrivel up. When he casts his Unibeam, don’t hesitate to undo your Super-Soldier Form and reposition yourself.

Iceman is the bane of all tanks. His passive, Frost deals HP based damage and cancels your action. Consider building an early Deathly Phantom when facing an Iceman. And look out for his Ultra-skill, Absolute Zero, that can neutralize your Super-Soldier Form.


Ant-Man is an amazing hero to play with. You can play him Top, support, and even Jungle! Seeing the Super Soldier Form pummeling enemies and fighting head to head with Surtur is always an eye candy. For me, he is a Top tier top laner. While playing Ant-Man, remember:

1. Always look for an opportunity to clear towers as you can eat them up fast.
2. Don’t hesitate to put yourself in the middle of the fight. This is because it is where Ant-Man shines the most.
3. Practice your attack and skill timings. The Super Soldier Form may feel sluggish at first but mastering Ant-Man is worth it. He is the hero that made me reach Legendary Master rank in the pre-guild era.

This was all for Marvel Super War Ant-Man Guide. Please note that there are various builds that can help in different ways. But, using the fighter build is most effective after the new changes.

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