Mario Kart Tour Update 2.1.0 has now released

Ever since Mario Kart Tour got the multiplayer feature added, the developers have been bringing various additions and changes to the game. Nintendo has recently rolled out a new update to the game. Mario Kart Tour Update 2.1.0 has been released on May 13, 2020.

About Mario Kart Tour 2.1.0 Update

Ever since the multiplayer feature is added to the game, the developers have constantly tried to add and improve its features. The Mario Kart Tour 2.1.0 Update has brought in features like “Team Game Rule” and “Room Code” and because of this, the multiplayer features have been improved. Support for the upcoming Coins Applenty Event has also been added to the game.

Apart from this, a new driver “Monty Mole” has also been added to the game. He is referred to as a “Tricky Borrower” because he was tired of waiting to make his debut in Mario Kart Tour.

This update also brought about some bug fixes including not getting rewards for leveling up. This patch note was first seen by Touch Arcade.

The multiplayer feature was lacking in this game from a long time. But, the developers “Nintendo” had finally added this feature in the game in Mario Kart Tour 2.0 update. Ever since, the multiplayer feature has been added, there has been several improvements with additions and updates to the game.

Mario Kart Tour Update 2.1.0 has now released. You can find the update on your devices now. Have you not tried playing Mario Kart Tour yet? Download it now:

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