King of Hunters by NetEase will release for mobile devices

Another new game from NetEase, King of Hunters is a Battle-Royale game heading towards the stores. We already know that Eve Echoes, one of the most anticipated games from NetEase, is all set to release in mid-August, 2020. Another anticipated title, “King of Hunters”, a new mobile game has also been announced by NetEase in the sixth annual product launch event of the company.

About King of Hunters

According to Pocketgamer, this new game will be a Battle-Royale along with MOBA mechanics. King of Hunters was originally scheduled to release back in 2018. However, it was thought that the game has been cancelled. This was because of the fact that the game’s official Facebook handle was not updated since April 2019.

In this Battle-Royale, players will drop down from a giant dragon which acts as the source of transport. Apart from this, the players will be able to choose different heroes who have their own abilities. Thus, this game will be a Battle-Royale game although with the hero ability mechanics of a MOBA.

King of Hunters will also provide several weapons to choose from. The game’s trailer says “Hunt or Be Hunted; Survivor Makes the Call”. This means that you have to hunt for other players in the game and survive in order to win.

Release Date

Sadly, there is no announcement about the release date of King of Hunters mobile game by NetEase. However, as soon as we get any information regarding the same, we will make sure to update it. You can watch the trailer of the game in this tweet:

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