KartRider Rush+ is now globally available to download

KartRider Rush+ is a new racing game from Nexon. This game has recorded five million global pre-registrations prior to its launch. It was one of the most anticipated Kart Racing games. This is a huge number for any game in the pre-registration phase. KartRider Rush+ is now globally available to download on Android and iOS devices.

About KartRider Rush+

KartRider was a very popular game back in 2014. The fan base is expecting KartRider Rush+ to deliver an excellent karting experience on mobile. For attaining five million pre-orders, the developers have set unlockable rewards in-game which will be available till May 25, 2020. Some of these items include Skelemech Kart, Star Driftmoji, Love candy balloon, etc. (These items will be available to the players who had pre-ordered the game.)

The game features 50 different racing tracks and 20 different carts for the players to choose from. These carts can be customized by using various cosmetic items available in-game. The developers may add more tracks and karts in the game through future patches and updates.


The game includes five different game modes like Speed race mode, ranked mode, arcade mode, story mode, and Time trial mode. All these game modes will provide you with different experiences. The story mode explains the backstory of different characters available in the game.

Players can buy K-coins earned from Ranked mode in the game. These can be used to buy different in-game items from the shop. Every game mode can be enjoyed as they offer different missions.

Download Now

Nexon’s most anticipated racing game KartRider Rush+ is now globally available to download on Android and iOS devices. Head over to the Google Play or App Store on your device now:

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