Marvel Super War Hero Guide: Invisible Woman

In this guide, we bring to you Marvel super war hero guide on Invisible woman. This new character has been added to the game in the latest update. Lets dive straight into analysing the new hero “Invisible Woman” and knowing about how to use it effectively.

Sue StormInvisible Woman

The Invisible Woman(Sue Storm), wielding the power of the cosmic storm comes to Marvel Super War. Witness the power of Invisible Woman by using her in this game. The psionic powers can be used to bend light to trick the enemies. She also projects powerful fields of hyperspace psionic energies to subdue her foes and protect her teammates. The Matriarch of the Fantastic four comes to use her cosmic powers in Marvel Super War.



1. Her passive, without a trace, has a lot of impact on the whole game because enemies would be constantly on their toes wondering if there is an invisible enemy nearby. Those who are unaware of the strengths of Invisible Woman would be punished severely.

2. Invisible Woman’s Ability 1, Psionic Guard can provide massive amounts of team-wide shields that could be spammed through the fight. This gives your team a huge Effective Hit-Point advantage.

3. Invisible Woman also has an array of Crowd control skills. She has a slow, a stun, and a wide range immobilize that could provide her team a big edge in team fights.


1. Invisible Woman is very squishy. Time her skills in the wrong way and she could be easily picked off. This is because she does not have a disengage skill. You cannot manage to run away from a fight easily while playing Invisible Woman.

2. She requires a great deal of team coordination to be used to her full potential. Players can have a hard time using her to the full potential in lower brackets especially when teammates are not aware of her abilities.


Natural Passive: Without a Trace

Passive: When Invisible Woman leaves a fight, she becomes invisible and gains a speed boost. If there are enemy heroes nearby, she can change to stealth mode. When Invisible Woman reveals herself again, her next basic attack deals extra damage and also slows the target.


1. It takes 6/5/4/3 seconds for Invisible Woman to be invisible again. So hide under the bush or outside enemy range when replenishing your invisibility. This psychologically enhances her invisibility effect.

2. Within 700 yards, Invisible Woman changes from being invisible to being in stealth mode.
The difference:
invisible mode – enemy literally cannot see Invisible Woman.
stealth mode – the enemy sees your silhouette.
The yellow “!” warns you that if you go further, you would transition from invisible mode to stealth mode.
The red “!” means that you are already in stealth mode and the enemy can see you and cane eventually attack you. So, be careful about these signs while playing “Invisible Woman” as this could be a huge game changer.

3. Her next basic attack after being invisible deals bonus damage and slows the target. Keep in mind that attacking and using skills will reveal you to your enemies regardless of your distance. Receiving damage, even AoE damage also reveals you. Stealth mode also only lasts for up to 1.5 seconds.

Enemy perspective of Stealth Mode

Ability 1: Psionic Guard

1. She releases a wave in a specified direction that damages the enemy. The wave moves fairly fast so you don’t have to target it much in advance.

2. The wave returns after reaching its maximum distance. Upon returning, the ability grants her and other friendly heroes around Invisible Woman a shield. This shield value increases proportionally to the number of enemy heroes hit so try to hit as many enemies as possible.

Remember: Psionic Guard does not give the shield instantly. There is approximately a one-second delay from cast to finish.

Maximum range of Psionic Guard.
Allies around this perimeter of light gains a shield.

Ability 2: Psionic Light

1. Psionic Light damages enemy creeps or monsters in its path. You can use it to help clear the waves. It only stops when it reaches the maximum range or when it hits an enemy hero.

2. According to the description of this hero, an enemy hero struck by Psionic Light will receive a mark that activates upon being attacked four times. But upon closer inspection. The mark has three parts that light up each time the enemy is attacked. The first mark is applied when the ability hits the enemy hero. At maximum marks and three hits, the enemy is damaged and stunned. This is similar to Angel’s passive.

The mark
Stun proc animation

Ability 3: Invisible Force Field

1. Upon casting, Invisible Woman turns herself and her allies invisible while granting a speed boost. Remember to cast the skill under bushes or outside enemy line of sight to maximize effect.

1st cast – Grants invisibility and speed boots to the radius.

2. After casting the spell, you can use this ability again to blink in a specified direction to deal an AoE damage and imprison enemies. Keep in mind that there is a slight casting delay (about half a second). So cast your Ability three in the direction your enemies are moving.
Imprison – a fancy word for immobilizing.

2nd cast – Damages and imprisons(immobilizes) enemies around the radius.
Imprison(immobilize) animation.

3. Remember to communicate with your teammate. Explicitly state that when you are pinging “assemble”, this means that you want to initiate your ultra-skill.

Additional Tip

Do not hesitate to use Invisible Force Field in unorthodox situations such as:

  1. Escaping – Casting this ability near the enemy would mean your invisibility would immediately be canceled but the speed boost remains giving your team a higher chance of escape. Use the second part of the skill to blink in the direction you are escaping. This will help you will jump a little forward and the enemies too close would be immobilized as well.
    2. In the middle of the fight – your ultra-skill has a relatively low cooldown that allows you to use it more than once in long fights. The surprise factor might be lost but the speed boost and damage with immobilizing are both still a big factor in a fight.


Support build:

Regeneration Cradle – Energy damage can help to increase damage and also the shield value. This item also reduces the cooldown to spam skills. It also provides you with a movement speed bonus to aid in roaming. Its passive ability, +20% healing/shielding effect synergizes well with Invisible Woman’s first and third abilities.

Arc Reactor – Arc reactor’s passive immediately restores +20% Max EP and reduces your ultimate cooldown by 10%. This can allow you multiple invisible force field plays.

Goblin Mask – This item has an active ability which increases your own armor and energy resist by 100% for 4 seconds. Invisible Woman is squishy support that initiates and dives into the enemy front lines. Use this item’s active after initiation to increase your chances of survival.

Core mid build:

Build Boots and Arc Reactor first

In the mid game, Invisible Woman is, in my opinion, not advisable. There are many heroes out there who can bring more impact to the game as a core mid hero. But if you or your team wants to use this, I advise that you should always coordinate your ganks with your jungle roamer. Invisible Woman can really enhance the roaming capabilities of a team. Plus, a mid-core Invisible Woman can not only deal with larger amounts of damage but also provide a larger amount of heal. In exchange for her own survivability, of course.


Invisible Woman is a fun hero to play. Invisible Woman brings a lot of new dynamics to the Marvel Super War experience as a whole. If you decide to play her, remember:
1. Communicate– She is a very team-oriented hero regardless of her role. Communicating your strategy to your team would increase your chances of winning with her.
2. At first glance, she might seem overpowered but actually, she is not. She requires a lot of game knowledge to use effectively. Try watching your replays. Luckily, this goes both ways as you can abuse her in lower brackets where map awareness and team coordination is lacking.
3. Have lots of fun with her. Use your imagination to mess with the mind of your enemies. She can be very tilting when she is in the right hands.

This was it for today’s Marvel Super War Hero Guide on Invisible Woman. Please note that there may be some other builds that might be added later. So stay tuned.

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  • May 17, 2020 at 11:58 am

    Informative and I love the complete guide. 🙂

  • May 17, 2020 at 12:09 pm

    Looking forward to play her when i save up enough coins! Great write-up potential meta breaker

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      She’s definitely worth it! Keep supporting gomobilegames for more quality updates!

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    Thankyou for this all in one breakdown and guide for Invisible woman. More power to your next articles 👌

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    They say she’s a “meh” type of support but for me she has a lot of potential. Thanoyou for this 🤟

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      She is team dependent but can be a real game breaker in the hands of a great team. You’re welcome and thank you! Keep supporting gomobilegames for more quality updates!

  • May 18, 2020 at 7:50 am

    Interesting write-up. I liked that you mentioned the use of the ultimate for escaping.
    I play sp with randoms so relying on them for offensive support is not easy but I use this ult many times for the speed boost and blink to escape so that I can help them without requiring too much coordination.
    Yes she is hard and always shield-type sp need more strategic and focussed playing as very rarely do allies realise you are supporting compared to heal-type sp where support is so much more evident for rest of team.
    But I like her very much and with an adc like Hawkeye who has great basic attk she is amazing!

    • May 18, 2020 at 3:24 pm

      Playing as a support is really a thankless job. Especially as Invisible Woman. But ppullin-off good set ups and saving teammates with the shields is really satisfying, don’t you think? Thank you for your feedback and keep supporting gomobilegames for more awesome guides!


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