How does Fortnite ensure fair Competitive Gameplay?

Fortnite is one of the biggest eSports games in the world. There are various tournaments and cash cups that are hosted on a frequent basis in the game. Epic Games has always been strict against malpractices in Fortnite. They do not hesitate to ban a player who is involved in any kind of unfair practice. Let us look at how does Fortnite ensure fair competitive gameplay.

Bans and suspensions are Imposed!

This is something that can be noticed clearly. Epic Games do not hesitate to ban or suspend an account when a player is indulging in any unfair practices. Fortnite does not compromise on maintaining the competitive integrity of the game. Be it, anyone! If a player gets caught indulging in any kind of unfair practice in the game, he ends up getting banned.

Fortnite has a zero-tolerance policy. One of the most highlighted cases was of Jarvis Khattri who ended up getting banned for life time in Fortnite. Jarvis used some auto-aim software to demonstrate how unfair it is. He used it on a new account to demonstrate the cheats. However, he was banned for a lifetime by Epic Games.

“Code Iceman” got his account Suspended

Another instance has come up recently, where a Japanese Fortnite player was stripped off his prize money and his account was suspended for 14 days. The player named “Code Iceman” was found teaming up with “Qoo”. Eventually, he was caught for teaming up, and thus he got stripped off his placement as well as prize money from the FNCS title. Code Iceman finished first with over 198 points for the FNCS title.

Thus, “Qjac” took the No.1 spot in the Asian FNCS invitational. He took away 15,000 USD for the same. This was because Code Iceman was caught getting fed kills by Qoo. It was also claimed that Qoo dropped medkits to Code Iceman.

This is not it. The list is long! In the same month, Daniel “Dubs” Paul Welsh and “waffeuls” were also banned for teaming up in Fortnite Cash Cups. Both of these players were banned for 30 days.

The Zero Tolerance Policy

It is clearly evident that Fortnite follows a zero-tolerance policy and every player who involves in any kind of unfair practice gets his account suspended or banned from the game. Epic Games have constantly stated that cheating is one of the biggest factors that drives players away from Fortnite.

We can clearly see how Fortnite ensures fair competitive gameplay. This is a practice that all other games should also adopt. Therefore, the players caught cheating should immediately be punished.

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