Hero Cantare is now available is selected countries

Hero Cantare is a new gacha RPG that features characters from three webtoons. Developed by NGEL games, Hero Cantare is now available to download on iOS and Android devices for selected regions.

About Hero Cantare

Hero Cantare is a new turn-based RPG that features characters from webtoons like Tower of God, Hardcore leveling warrior, and God of High school. The characters from these games can be collected in the new gacha RPG game. This game also offers various game modes for the players to enjoy. These modes include a story mode, Trial Tower mode, Advent Boss mode, and an Arena mode.

In the story mode, players will be able to play a specific character’s individual story line which will also be accompanied by a web-comic. The Trial tower mode may test your strategy skills. In this mode, the players can assemble a team of various characters of their choice keeping in mind the synergies between different characters.

In the Advent Boss mode, the players can fight against a strong enemy or a boss that will grant them with different rewards. Last but not the least Arena mode is a place for the players to test their skills in real PvP battles. Players can battle in 1v1 or even in 3v3 modes in the Arena.

Hero Cantare Release

Currently, there is no information about the global release of the game. However, the game has been made available in North America, Europe, and Oceania. Hero Cantare is now available to download for both iOS and Android devices. Download Now:

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