Free Fire Wolfrahh: A new character in the game

Free Fire is a Battle-Royale game available on mobile devices. It has been developed by Garena. The game has been gaining popularity ever since its release. Recently, a new character was introduced in the game. “Wolfrahh” is the latest playable character in Free Fire.

About Wolfrahh

The Free Fire Brasil official handle on twitter announced the new character on May 18, 2020:

Thus, now we know that a new character has been introduced in Free Fire called “Wolfrahh“. The above tweet also states that Wolfrahh has an ability called the Centre of Attention. This ability will allow a player to deal more damage to an enemy when he shoots the arms and legs of the enemies. However, the headshots will deal less damage when the ability is in use. It can be noted that in close combats, Wolfrahh can prove to be dominant since it is tough to hit headshots in such situations.

80 million+ players play Free Fire daily

Recently, while announcing Garena’s earnings, it has been revealed that Free Fire has attained a new record of daily active users being more than 80 million. Having a large player base is because of many factors like the game’s content, the influencers, and also the competitiveness of the game. Apart from this, Free Fire also runs smoothly in the lower end devices as well. This also contributes to the large player base of Garena’s Free Fire.

Garena believes that this record has been achieved due to the constant effort of the team to keep the players engaged. They make sure that there is something new that can attract new players as well as provide fresh content to the regular players.

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