Free Fire VIP Event: Everything you need to know

Garena’s Free Fire is a battle royale game like PUBG, Fortnite, etc. Currently, a new event called VIP event is up in the game. This allows a player to try items that are exclusive to VIP treatment. Free Fire VIP Event is now available in the game. The event starts on 4th May and ends on 10th May 2020.

Free Fire VIP Event Details

A player can upgrade during the VIP event using 99 diamonds in the game. There are several benefits to upgrading in the VIP event:

A player gets:

  1. Double Gold Card
  2. Name Change Card
  3. Double EXP(experience) Card for 7 days.
  4. Custom Room Card
  5. Gifts for a week. (Daily)
  6. A VIP crate for every game played. (10 Max per DayClassic Mode only)

Access to the VIP shop can give these benefits to a player.

VIP Gear

A player will get 5 Legendary weapon skins for 7 days only. Out of the 9 legendary skins, a player only gets to pick 5 skins. But be careful about choosing because once a player selects a skin, it cannot be changed.

Legendry Skins: Earth M4A1, Dragon AK, Mechgirl MP40, Cupid Scar, Flery M1014, Santa M60, Moon Famas, Phantom P90, and Hunger UMP.

Note: All these skins are 7D.

VIP store

A player has full access to the VIP store as well. In this, a player can buy any in-game cosmetics and gears using in-game gold coins. Some of these items include Prosperity Shoes, Neolithid Bundle, Cutesy Dragon backpack skin, etc.

A player can choose to upgrade during the VIP Event at a cost of 99 Diamonds. The Free Fire VIP Event is for a period of one week from 4th May-10th May 2020.

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