Free Fire Tips and Tricks May 2020: Win every game

Garena’s Free Fire is one of the most famous battle royal games available for mobile devices. The game is unique in its own away, offering different elements in-game. Today, let us look at the latest Free Fire Tips and Tricks May 2020, which may help you to win every game.

Free Fire Tips and Tricks

1. Crouch while making Gloo Walls

This is not a very new tip, but it is very helpful. It is noticed that most of the players stand while making the Gloo walls. This should not be done, especially in close range fights. When you crouch and make a gloo wall, it is closer to you as compared to when you stand and make them. When the walls are closer to you, it definitely provides you more and quick cover.

2. Do not jump and shoot all the time

By this far, it is known to everyone that n Free Fire you can kill easily when you jump and shoot a player. However, excessive jumping and shooting(Jumping every time) is not a good idea. At certain times, when an enemy knows drag-shooting, it will get you killed when you jump. Drag-shooting can head-shot the players jumping easily. Thus, it is not recommended to jump-shoot all the time. You should still jump-shoot for easy headshots, but not all the time.

3. Run in a zig-zag way while rushing towards an enemy

You must have observed that whenever an enemy is running towards you in a straight line, it is very easy to kill the enemy with a headshot. Thus, the best way to rush an enemy is by using Gloo Walls or run in a zig-zag when going towards an enemy. This makes it harder for an enemy to kill you.

4. Use Gloo Walls to rush enemies upstairs inside a house or a building

Sometimes, a player may be camping in the upstairs of some building taking a position for an easy headshot towards the ladder. If you are rushing such players, it is always on your advantage to make gloo walls on the 2nd floor. The game allows a player to do so on the second floor from the top floor. Thus, this utility is overpowered and it can be used to rush any enemy camping upstairs in a building.

5. Check landmines

This is a basic tip, yet important. Players rush towards and enemy and die to landmines. Thus, it is important for anyone to check for landmines while rushing to kill an enemy. You should never blind rush any place in the game, as there may be landmines on that part of the map. Check your steps while moving around the map.

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