Free Fire Spine Punk Peak Day: Everything you need to know

Garena’s Free Fire is a popular Battle-Royale game. Just like many other games, Free Fire also has its own events. A new event Spine Punk is underway and the players are eagerly waiting for the peak day. Apart from this, there are various other in-game events coming to the game. Lets read about the Free Fire Spine punk peak day event which is scheduled on May 16, 2020.

About Spine Punk Event

The Spine Punk is an in-game event that takes everyone to a future of enhanced cybernetics. In this world, everyone you see is a cool punk. There are cool futuristic skins and a special emote to choose from. Apart from this, a player can join Badass Punk Squad for earning more rewards in the game.

Rewards for the event and How to Earn it

The Free Fire Spine Punk Peak Day is on this Saturday, and everyone is advised to login once into the game on that day for earning a fancy new emote. If you want to get the Incubator skin bundle, then you have to fight to win an Evolution stone. The only way to earn this Evolution stone is to “Booyah” once in the standard battle royale mode.

Gun King Mode

A new game mode that is called as the “Gun King Mode” is heading into the game. This is a new addition in the game and will be available later this month from May 16th to May 24th. Gun King Mode is a limited time mode and will be available only for 10 days. This mode is similar to the Gun Mode in other games, where you spawn with a weapon in hand and every kill that you get upgrades your weapon. The player who is the first to secure kills from every gun wins the game.

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