Free Fire Elite Pass, Fabled Fox: Everything you need to Know

It is almost time for the new Elite Pass to drop in Free Fire. The elite pass can be bought in-game with diamonds. Elite Pass is a place where you can exchange your badges for exclusive gifts each season. The Elite Pass is not free and has to be purchased every season. Now, let us have a look at the latest Free Fire Fabled Fox Elite Pass. It is expected to drop on June 1, 2020.

About Free Fire Fabled Fox

Free Fire’s latest elite pass features two powerful gangs. The story revolves around these gangs who return home to claim what’s theirs. When the Smaki Gang rose to power, Ben and Zarya(The Protagonists) were pushed out of the Salter District.

Ben and Zarya have climbed rank over a period of time and managed to become the leader of Vulpes(Gang). Now, both of them want to return to their home and dethrone the Smaki gang.

There are many rewards up for grabs in this Elite Pass. These rewards include Revenge skin sets, Dashing Fox Skateboard set, Kitsune’s Riposte, and more. Fabled Fox Motor Bike will also be available in this pass. Apart from these, Gang masks can also be unlocked from the loot crate.

Inari Okami is the inspiration for the looks of these Elite Pass items. Inari Okami is the God of Foxes in Japanese mythology.

Latest in Free Fire

Garena has recently updated the anti-hack system in Free Fire. The Cutcord operation is under process and will ensure fair gameplay for everyone.

A new event called “Shuffling Emote Top-Up Event” is currently running in the game where a player can get the shuffling emote for free by buying diamonds in the game. The event has started from May 30, 2020 and will continue up to June 3, 2020. The emote however, will be permanently unlocked.

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