Free Fire anti-cheat system: Everything you need to Know

Whenever there is a rise in the player base of a game, the number of cheaters also increases in the game. Free Fire is a Battle-Royale game that has been gaining popularity by the day. The anti-hack detection system detected a huge surge of cheaters in Free Fire. For preventing these cheaters from ruining the game, the Operation Cutcord has been started which is a part of the Free Fire anti-cheat system.

About Free Fire Anti-Cheat

After the patch of April 8, the anti-cheat team of Free Fire banned over 700,000 hackers. Thus in order to safeguard the game, the team has started the Free Fire Operation Cutcord. A brand new enhanced anti-cheat system has been developed for the game by gathering latest sources of hacks and scripts for Free Fire.

With the help of the new anti-cheat system, the Free Fire team managed to ban around 3.8 million cheaters from the game. Also, the developers are looking into designing a system that can ban the cheaters from creating a new account in Free Fire.

Free Fire is a free-to-play game. Any unfair activity of hacking/cheating spoils the game for every other player in the lobby. In order to prevent this, the new anti-cheat systems have been worked on. Thus ensuring fair gameplay for everyone in Free Fire Battle Royale.

How to report Hackers in Free Fire?

Are you fed-up with dying to cheaters in Free Fire? Do you want to get the cheaters to get banned and ensure a fair environment for everyone?

If yes, then here is the way by which you can report the cheaters that you come across in the game:

If you want to keep your account safe, beware of the new anti-cheat system. Thus, you should know that you may end up getting banned from the game if you are found cheating/hacking.

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