Fortnite Mobile 12.60 Update: How to get the best Frame Rate?

Fortnite Mobile is one of the most popular Battle Royale game. The building feature of Fortnite makes it unique from various other battle royale games available to play. The Epic Games team keeps rolling out patches and updates that attract new players and engage the regular player base. Let us take a look at the Fortnite Mobile 12.60 Update.

Fortnite 12.60 Update: Mobile Changes

A new update has been released recently in Fortnite. There have been several fixes and additions for the game.

1. Dynamic Resolution

A brand new feature called “Dynamic Resolution” has been added to the game. This feature can help you to fix the frame rate issues for iOS devices. This new feature adjusts the game resolution automatically which will maintain a specific frame rate in the game. Thus, this new feature will now help the mobile players to get the best possible frame rate for their iOS devices. This, in turn, will deliver a smooth Fortnite experience to its players.

Note: This is an opt-in setting and can be found in the Video Settings menu of the game. Thus a player can also choose to switch it off.

2. HUD Layouts

A new HUD Layout option has also been added to the game. This new option includes custom layouts and also presets. These preset include Builder Pro, Combat Pro, and Old School. Thus, this allows a player to activate the HUD easily at any point in time. Also, players do not need to create various HUD again and again in order to use them.

Fortnite Mobile HUD Layouts

3. Button and Touch Zone Size

Fortnite Mobile players can now also adjust the button size and touch zone size with the new slider option available in the game. This will help the players to customize the buttons according to the ease of use and the screen size of their device. Thus, this can now improve the experience even on small screen mobile devices.

Fortnite Mobile Button Size and Touch Zone Size

The visual footsteps and other mobile indicators can now be turned off. This setting was already available in the PC version of Fortnite. This can be found in the visual sound effects under the audio settings tab of the game. Thus, the players can now choose to turn it on or off according to their preferences.

4. Party Royale Changes

Epic has also made some changes in the party royale mode of Fortnite. This mode now includes Jetpacks and Grapplers allowing the players can move faster around the map in this mode. Some refinements to the already existing attractions can also be found in this game mode.

These were the major patch notes for the Fortnite Mobile 12.60 Update. Thus, we can see that most of the changes were clearly made for the mobile platform.

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