Fnatic x OnePlus Segment in the Esports Insider Summit

In the current ongoing ESI summit, a Fnatic x OnePlus segment was featured. Fnatic’s partnerships manager Edward Gregory talked about their partnership with OnePlus.

About the Fnatic x OnePlus Segment

In the ESI summit, Edward Gregory told about their partnership with OnePlus. He also mentioned how does Fnatic feel about entering the mobile space. Fnatic’s and OnePlus’s partnership is one of the most recognized partnerships in the mobile e-Sports sector. The gaming mode on OnePlus is also known as the Fnatic mode.

Fnatic x OnePlus segment in ESI

Fnatic India’s PUBG Mobile team is the most recognized Fnatic mobile esports team. While talking about various games and the teams, Edward Gregory mentioned a fact that when they partnered with OnePlus, they did not have any mobile roster who actually needed high-performance smartphones. The only team that they had was for Clash Royal that does not require a very high-performance smartphone.

Even though Fnatic did not have a mobile eSports team for any game which requires high-end smartphones, they went ahead with the partnership.

Fnatic’s Mobile E-Sports Future

The success of PUBG Mobile in India instantly appealed to the organization for picking up a team to represent them. This was the perfect opportunity where high-end smartphones can play a role. India is one of the biggest markets in the world for mobile gaming, and Fnatic has also seen tremendous growth in this region.

Moving forward, Edward Gregor also talked about the potential titles that Fnatic could expand to. These games include Garena’s Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, and League of Legends Wild Rift. While both other games already have a huge esports scene, Wild Rift is yet to release for the mobile devices. But, even before release, this MOBA has already started grabbing the attention of the bigger players in the market.

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