Fallout Shelter Online is now available in South-East Asia

Fallout Shelter is the official Sequel to Fallout Shelter. The original game was released back in 2015 and was loved by the players. Published by GaeaMobile, Fallout Shelter Online is now available to download and play in South East Asia.

About Fallout Shelter Online

The game offers a classic vault management system for the players along with a feature that allows the players to recruit Heroes from the Fallout series. The players can build adventure teams, battle against dangerous foes, and venture into the wild wasteland.

The quest requires you to travel through famous locations like the Red Rocket and Diamond City. The main addition in the game is a PvP mode where you can face off against rival players. This determines who is the best overseer among all the players.

Moving ahead in the game, players can unlock different “Bonds” between heroes which provide with combat bonus to the team. You can meet new people while moving around in the wasteland and challenge them in the combat zone. Additionally, you can challenge the players in the leaderboard and climb your way up.

Global Release

Currently, there is no information on the global release date of the game. However, Fallout Shelter Online is now available in various countries in South East Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. Download Now:

If we get any information on the global release of the game, we will make sure to update it here.

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