Exos Heroes is now available on Android and iOS

Exos Heroes is a role-playing game that was released in Korea last year. However, the game was not available in other countries. This game features the Exos World which consists of five different Kingdoms. Developed by Line Games, Exos Heroes is now available to download on Android and iOS devices.

About Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes is a role-playing game(RPG) that offers a story to the players. The story of the game revolves around the search of “Exestruk”, the sword of the emperor that went missing. There are several evil forces that are threatening the peace of the game’s world.

The game offers an ancient airship for the players to ride while exploring the adventure. You can join forces with the ancient dragon “Bitru” and treasure hunter “Zeon”. The game offers over 200 heroes who possess their own unique characters and designs.

The game offers different modes to enjoy. There are several mini-games within the game to enjoy and also the quest mode. You can also use the guardian stone system to “break” the enemy and win the battles. The game features fiery intense battles on mobile devices.

Now Available

Exos Heroes is a massive RPG game that offers an original story for the players to explore. If you like to play role-playing games, you can definitely give it a try. Exos Heroes is now available to download on Android and iOS devices. Download Now:

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