Eve Echoes Final Closed Test has been announced

Eve Echoes is a mobile adaptation of Eve online from NetEase. We already informed you that Eve Echoes will be releasing in mid-august. Now, just before the global release of the game, Eve Echoes Final closed test has been scheduled for early July.

Eve Echoes

An MMO role-playing game that has been set in an alternate universe. Although Eve Echoes is a mobile adaptation of Eve Online, it differs from Eve Online in many aspects.

Eve Echoes is a sandbox game designed for mobile devices that offers various paths and playstyles to choose from. Therefore, a player can choose to play according to his own playstyle. Also, a player can play the roles of a miner, a trader, or a space pirate according to his choice.

Thus, there is a whole new universe to explore while playing various roles offered by the game.

Final Closed Test

Eve Echoes is a MMORPG that offers several PvP and PvE battles for the players. Recently, an announcement was made on the official twitter handle of Eve Echoes. The Tweet:

Thus, you can clearly see that an official final test has been announced and you can sign-up for the same. You can sign-up for the final closed test and become one of the few people who get to play the mobile adaptation of Eve Online before everyone else.


As mentioned above, Eve Echoes Final closed test will take place in early July. If you are willing to take part in testing the game just before its final launch, you can sign up. However, you should know that only 20,000 players will be accepted for the final closed test. Out of these 20,000 players, 10,000 players will be accepted from iOS platforms and the other 10,000 players from the Android platform.

Thus, you may or may not be on the list of the selected players. If you want to sign-up for the final test, here’s the link:

Also if you do not make it in the selected 20,000 players list, you can pre-register the game:

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