Epic Games partners with OnePlus 8: Enjoy Fortnite Mobile at 90 FPS

Epic Games has partnered with the OnePlus 8 devices. Soon, all the OnePlus 8 devices will get 90 FPS in Fortnite. Most of the devices have a cap of 60 FPS because of the screen’s refresh rate. However, now Epic Games partners with OnePlus 8 and this device will allow players to play Fortnite Mobile at 90 FPS.

Fortnite Mobile to allow 90 FPS on OnePlus 8

This is the first time when the players can experience 90 FPS in Fortnite mobile on a smartphone. Till now, Fortnite Mobile was playable at 120 FPS only on iPad Pro. Most of the consoles also have a cap at 60 FPS. The Switch version of Fortnite has a cap at 30 FPS.

The update rollout is currently in works and soon all the OnePlus 8 devices will have the feature that allows 90 FPS in Fortnite. However, just similar to the iPad Pro, the graphics may have to be lowered. But this has not been confirmed yet.

OnePlus founder and CEO, PETE Lau said:

The OnePlus 8 Series delivers a smooth, high framerate Fortnite gameplay experience – that even current generation console game systems can’t match
OnePlus creates the best devices for mobile gaming through our industry leading display, speedy performance, and overall user experience designed with power-users in mind.

Thus, we now know that Epic Games partners with OnePlus 8 devices for allowing 90 FPS for the first time on a smartphone.

Future of Mobile Gaming

It is good to see the competition in the game. With the mobile gaming industry blooming like never before, OnePlus, a major brand has configured the device keeping the core aspects of gaming in mind. This is going to be the first smartphone that is allowing such high Frame rates.

There is high competition in the market. We cannot say for sure, but we assume that other companies will also try to match the standards of OnePlus 8 with respect to gaming in the future. This will lead to the development of the mobile gaming industry as a whole.

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