eFootball PES 2020: Silver Ball Squad Building

PES is one of the games where every player in the team matters. Today let us have a look at the Silver Ball Players for every position. By the end of this article, every player can learn about the Silver Ball Squad Building.


Centre Forward(CF)

H. Onyekuru(Max Ovr.90)

Oneyekuru can be called as the Silver Ronaldo. With a position boost to CF, his Max Ovr. becomes 92. Other stats include 95 Balance, 98 Speed, 98 Acceleration, 7 Form, 3 Weak Foot Usage & Accuracy, 91 Finishing, and 93 Offensive Awareness. He is a true beast and although he doesn’t have a playstyle at the CF position, he won’t disappoint.
Playstyle: Prolific Winger

PESmaster Link:- H. Onyekuru

Pietro Pellegri (Max Ovr.91)

P. Pellegri is a player with all the stats that are required for a striker at 85+. Being a Target Man he can be a go-to striker in a 2CF Formation. He also is one of the best Super-Sub.
Playstyle: Target Man

PESmaster Link :- P. Pellegri

Ahmed Kutucu (Max Ovr. 90)

A. Kutucu is a solid player with 4 Weak Foot Usage and Accuray, 95 Speed, and a decent 87 Finishing. What makes him good are the skills like First Time Shot, Long Range Drive, Long Range Shooting as well as Acrobatic Finishing which are required for a good striker.
Playstyle: Goal Poacher

PESmaster Link:- A. Kutucu

Other Notable Players : A.Isak (Max Ovr. 90), M.Kean (Max Ovr. 91), M.Boadu (Max Ovr. 91).

Second Striker (SS)

There are not many players who can stand out as Second Strikers. But two players can be used:

C. Kouamé (Max Ovr.89), M. Suarez (Max Ovr. 88).

Left-Wing Forward (LWF)

Rodrygo (Max Ovr. 93)

Rodrygo is a player who most of us are aware of. He is the current highest rated Silver Ball. With 97 Speed, 97 Acceleration, 95 Dribbling, 92 Ball Control, and being agile dribbling past the defenders will be easy. Note that he can be pushed off the bally pretty easily. Also, finishing with him can be a headache, but he can set the striker up.
Playstyle: Roaming Flank

PESmaster Link:- Rodrygo

Justin Kluivert (Max Ovr. 90)

Although there were many other choices none provided crossing like J. Kluivert. As a Prolific Winger with both Speed and Acceleration 97 and with the skill Pinpoint crossing ability, he is a strong player.
Playstyle: Prolific Winger

PESmaster Link :- J. Kluivert

Other Notable Players: C. Hudson-Odoi (Max Ovr 91.), Paulinho (Max Ovr. 91), M. Diaby (Max Ovr. 90)

Right-Wing Forwards (RWF)

Cengiz Under (Max Ovr. 90)

Although he has some low stats, C. Under is a complete package. With an amazing set of skills that he possesses he should not be underestimated.
Playstyle: Prolific Winger

PESmaster Link :- C. Under

Ismaila Sarr (Max Ovr. 90)

I. Sarr is the guy who destroyed Liverpool’s Unbeaten run. With both his Speed and Acceleration at 97 and with the Skill Super-Sub and many more he can wreck havoc.
Playstyle: Prolific Winger

PESmaster Link :- I. Sarr

Other Noteable Players : Y. Karamoh (Max Ovr.90), R. Matondo (Max Ovr. 90)


Attacking Midfielders

Lee Kang-In (Max Ovr.93)

Lee Kang-In is a unique kind of player with the playstyle of Classic No.10. He is dribbler with stats like 96 Ball Control, 95 dribbling and 90 Offensive Awareness adds to the uniqueness.
Playstyle: Classic No.10

PESmaster Link :- Lee Kang-In

J. David (Max Ovr. 91)

J. David is a 19-year-old player whom I have never heard of, but his stats look promising for AMF with the playstyle Hole Player. With Acceleration at 97 and with all the Skills like Trough Passing, One Touch Pass, Double Touch he can be a good distributor of the ball.
Playstyle: Hole Player

PESmaster Link :- J. David

Other Notable Players : G.Til ( Max Ovr. 90) , G. Chakvetadze ( Max Ovr. 90) , S. Diop ( Max Ovr. 90)

Right Midfielder (RMF)

Abdulkadir Omur (Max Ovr. 91)

A. Omur has great Dribbling skills with 97 Dribbling, 96 Ball control, 99 Balance(Huge), 93 Tight Possession, 97 Acceleration, and 91 Speed. This guy is an absolute gem to have in the squad.
Playstyle: Creative Playmaker

PESmaster Link :- A. Omur

Takefusa Kubo (Max Ovr. 90)

Matching the stats of A. Omur, T. Kubo shines with his dribbling stats, the only reason that I prefer A. Omur over him is due to the better form.
Playstyle: – Creative Playmaker

PESmaster:- T. Kubo

Other Notable Players :- D. James (Max Ovr. 88), J. Forrest (Max Ovr. 88), M. Zaracho ( Max Ovr. 89)

Left Midfielder (LMF)

Arnaut Danjuma Groeneveld (Max Ovr. 89)

A. Danjuma is a decent LMF, with overall balanced stats, 6 Form, and with some what descent skills he can get the job done.
Playstyle:- Prolific Winger

PESmaster Link :- A. Danjuma

H. Onyekuru(Max Ovr.90) does also works very well at LMF.

Other Notable Players :- K. Diatta (Max Ovr.88)

Centre Midfielder (CMF)

Eduardo Camavinga (Max Ovr. 92)

E. Camavinga is a solid Midfielder who is more of a physical player than Anchor Man. With his skills like Trough passing and Weighted Passing, initiating an attack with him is joyful. He can also help a player win back the ball.
Playstyle:- Anchor Man

PESmaster Link:- E. Camavinga

Phil Foden ( Max Ovr. 90)

P. Foden is a Manchester City Graduate. With stats like 99 Balance, 92 Ball Control, 90 Acceleration he is very useful for playing one-two’s (Tiki- Taka).
Playstyle:- Creative Playmaker

PESmaster Link :- P. Foden

Other Notable Players :- Gerson ( Max Ovr.90) , Renato Sanches (Max Ovr. 89), E. Elmas (Max Ovr. 89)

Defensive Midfeilder (DMF)

Florentino Luis (Max Ovr. 91)

Florentino Luis is a Physical DMF with Ball Winning 96, Defensive Awareness 94, Aggression 92, Physical Contact 86, and Stamina 93. With his Anchor Man Playstyle and high defensive awareness, he actually turns out as an extra defender.
Playstyle:- Anchor Man

PESmaster Link :- Florentino Luis

Sandro Tonali (Max Ovr. 90)

S. Tonali is the next Pirlo in making. He is a wonderful player to use with 7 Form. He is mostly in good form. If his Set Piece Taking Stats was higher, he could have been a beast. His place kicking is only at 85. In Real life, almost all of his goals have come from setpieces.
Playstyle: Orchestrator

PESmaster Link:- S. Tonali

Other Notable Players:- T. Koopmeiners (Max Ovr. 90), B. Soumare (Max Ovr.90).


Right Backs (RB)

Benjamin Henrichs (Max Ovr. 90)

B. Henrichs has a playstyle of offensive fullback. With descent Crossing, descent Speed, and Acceleration of 92, he proves to be a good defender. He also has a pretty descent Defensive Stats. He is overall a good pick for Right Back.
Playstyle:- Offensive Fullback

PESmaster Link:- B. Henrichs

Emerson (Max Ovr 91)

A Fullback Finisher who should be there in the final 3rd of a player’s attack. With 95 Speed, 92 Acceleration, and 90 Stamina, he makes a good defender. For Fullback Finisher with 71 Finishing, you can definitely give Emerson a shot.
Playstyle :- Fullback Finisher

PESmaster Link:- Emerson

Other Notable Player:- Diogo Dalot (Max Ovr 90) easily scoutable, K. Mbabu (Max Ovr. 89)

Left Backs (LB)

Alphonso Davies ( Max Ovr. 90)

Even though there are other silver LB’s rated higher than him, A. Davies should be the first choice. With 99 Speed and Acceleration and 91 Dribbling, a Player can use him to initiate a quick Counter Attack trough the left flank.
Playstyle:- Offensive Fullback

PESmaster Link:- A. Davies

V. Mykolenko (Max Ovr. 91)

V. Mykolenko is a defensive player. With skills like Man Marking and Interception, he can surely suppress an opponent’s Attack. He can also be used for cross shoots inside the box.
Playstyle:- Defensive Fullback

PESmaster Link:- V. Mykolenko

Other Notable Players:- O. Wijndal (Max Ovr. 91), F. Ballo-Toure (Max Ovr. 90), Renan Lodi (Max Ovr. 90)

Centre Backs (CB)

Benoit Badiashile (Max Ovr 92)

B. Badishile is a true beast with a height of 194 cm. He can dominate others in areal duals. With 95 Physical Contact, 94 Ball Winning, and 91 Defensive Awareness he is a force to be reckoned with.
Playstyle:- Build up

PESmaster Link:- B. Badishile.

Malang Sarr (Max Ovr. 91)

M. Sarr is a true CB with skills like acrobatic clear, Man Marking, as well as an interception. With all of his Defensive stats above 85, he can quite sure act as a wall to the opponents.
Playstyle: Build Up

PESmaster Link:- M. Sarr

Boubacar Kamara (Max Ovr. 91)

B. Kamara is following the steps of M. Sarr. B. Kamara has most of his Defensive stats above 85 and with the skills like Man Marking, Interception, and heading, he makes up for a quite good CB.
Playstyle:- Build Up.

PESmaster Link:- B. Kamara

Other Notable Players:- W. Saliba (Max Ovr. 90), K. Ajer (Max Ovr. 89), N. Stark (Max Ovr. 89)

Goalkeeper (GK)

NOTE:- A. Lafont was a silver ball before the Data Pack update and in my opinion, he was the best silver Gk.

Alexander Nübel (Max Ovr.87)

A. Nubel, Schalke No.1. with all of his Goalkeeping Stats above 90 and most of the GK skills like GK Low Punt, Gk Long Throw, Gk Penalty Saver. With captaincy skills, he can also be the captain of your squad.
Playstyle:- Offensive Goalkeeper

PESmaster Link:- A. Nubel

Paul Bernardoni (Max Ovr. 87)

P. Bernardoni is yet another young 22 years old Gk. P. Bernardoni is also Nimes No.1. With Defensive Awareness at 95 and other Goalkeeping stats all bove 85 he acts as a wall.
Playstyle:- Offensive Goalkeeper

PESmaster Link:- P. Bernardoni

Other Notable Players:- E. Aduero (Max Ovr. 87), Juan Soriano (Max Ovr. 87)

You can have a look at the Author’s squad for reference:

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2 thoughts on “eFootball PES 2020: Silver Ball Squad Building

  • May 7, 2020 at 8:06 am

    Who will you replace players in the lmf, amf, rmf positions after 75 minutes of the match when their endurance drops to zero?

    • May 9, 2020 at 7:39 am

      if you are asking about the squad listed in the article, 1st it depends on players form and 2nd of all any cmf that has playstyle which works in lmf/rmf position.


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