eFootball PES 2020: Best Gold Ball Centre Forwards in PES

eFootball PES 2020 is a football simulation video game that has been published by Konami. In any football game, the centre forwards plays a huge role. eFootball PES 2020 is no different. Let us take a look at the best Gold Ball Centre Forwards in PES Mobile.

Best Gold Ball Centre Forwards in PES Mobile

Here is the list of Top 5 Best Gold Ball CF’s in the game. No Featured player has been included.

5. Marcus Rashford (Max Ovr.92)

M.Rashford often called the gold ball version of Mbappe. Stats like Speed 99(Max), Acceleration 99(Max) he can outpace any defender. This player truly deserves a Blackball status. The only thing that can be noted against him is that he is agile and can be pushed off the ball easily, and due to his low balance, a player will have to time his shot.

Playing style: Goal Poacher

4. Fedor Chalov (Max Ovr. 93)

F. Chalov is an unpopular player among the PES community. F. Chalov is a strong complete player with most of his stats 85+ and with Skills like Super-Sub, long-range shooting, one-touch pass, First Time shot, acrobatic finishing, etc. He is fun to use in PES Mobile. The only thing that can draw this player backward is his low finishing(86 at Max).

Playing Style : Goal Poacher

3.Lautaro Martinez (Max Ovr. 93)

L. Martinez is a true spectacle to watch in real life and in-game. With Form 7, Weak Foot Usage and Accuracy 3, Aggression 90(Max), Decent Speed 91(Max), and Finishing 91(max) this player won’t disappoint. He has all the skills required for a Centre Forward and he knows how to score.
Playing Style: Goal Poacher.

2.Erling Haaland (Max Ovr. 93)

Erling Haaland is one of the rising sensations. It was hard to choose among E. Haaland and K. Piatek for the first place, But Konami did a pretty good job updating Haaland in the recent data packs. With stats like Physical Contact 95(Max), Finishing 93(Max), Speed 92(Max) he can be a nightmare to the opposition especially when he is subbed in during the second half. With the skill super-sub and allmost all the skills required for a striker, he is a solid player. He has the potential to become the most subbed on player on any players list.
Playing Style : Goal Poacher

1.Krzysztof Piatek (Max Ovr. 92)

Best Gold Ball Centre Forwards in PES

Can anyone imagine K. Piatek would occupy the first position on the best gold ball Cfs list? The main reason that he occupies the first spot is that he never disappoints. Having him for a very long time also won’t disappoint any of the players in PES 2020. He can even be called as the Gold version of Lewandowski. Piatek is a True Fox In The Box with stats like Form 7, Weak Foot Usage and Accuracy 3, Finishing 93(Max), and Physical Contact 90 (max). Although his passing is bad and he may not be able to successfully complete your build but also when a player is in the Final 3rd give him a shot. K. Piatek is clinical and it is easy to score goals with this player.
Play Style: Fox In The Box

Honorable Mentions:

Anthony Martial(Max Ovr.92) , Arkadiusz Milik(Max Ovr. 91), Luka Jovic(Max Ovr.93)

P.s.-This was our list of best gold ball center forwards in PES Mobile as per the Author’s experience.

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