eFootball PES 2020: Best Black Ball Centre Backs(CB) in PES

A Centre-Back (also known as a central defender or center-half) defends in the area directly in front of the goal and tries to prevent opposing players, particularly centre-forwards, from scoring. A Centre-Back can accomplish this by blocking shots, tackling, intercepting passes, contesting headers, and marking forwards to discourage the opposing team from passing to them. Let us have a look at the best Black Ball centre backs in PES.

Best Black Ball Centre Backs in PES

The List below is based on a player’s stats and the attributes that defenders need like Height, Weak Foot Usage, and Accuracy. It is also based on their Skills like Heading, Man Marking, Interceptions, Acrobatic Clear*, and their performance.

*Acrobatic Clear:- Enables players to clear the ball using their feet, even from awkward positions.

Note:-This list is purely based on Author’s Opinion and Experience.

10. Giorgio Chiellini (Max Ovr.92)

The oldest player in the list, G. Chiellini has stats like 99 Ball Winning, 95 Defensive Awareness, 91 Aggression*, and has all skills required for a Defender. But he is short in Height which leads to low heading and low Acceleration.

9. Harry Maguire (Max Ovr.92)

With a height of 194 cm, H. Maguire is a good defender against Long Ball Spammers. He also has 98 Physical Contact,96 Aggression*, and a decent heading of 92. Alongside he also possesses most of the skills that a Defender requires. What he lacks in the skill side is Acrobatic clear. For a defender with 194 height, 89 Jump stat makes heading mediocre. His Speed and Acceleration is way to low at 70 and 69 respectively.

8. Diego Godín (Max Ovr.93)

D. Godin is a gem. He is a true wall with the stats like 7 Form, 97 Defensive Awareness, 96 Heading, 99 Aggression**, and 94 Ball Winning. He also has all the skills required for a defender. However, Godin is low on the Weak Foot usage and his Accuracy is also 1. He has 70 Acceleration but for a 32-year-old, he is a solid player.

7. Aymeric Laporte (Max Ovr.92)

A. Laporte is kind of unpopular in PES 2020. Even though his condition was bad the whole season, he had a Form of 7, 95 Ball Winning, 95 Defensive Awareness, 191 Height, Decent Jump, and Heading. However, he lacks Acrobatic Clear and has Weak Foot Usage at 1.

6. Raphaël Varane (Max Ovr.93)

The featured Veriosn of R. Varane is my personal favorite. He is an Overall defender with Height 191, 95 Physical Contact, 90 Speed also has all the skills required for a defender. However, he has a form of 5, 1 Weak Foot Usage, and 84 Acceleration(90 speed will help you chase down a player but for a short length).

5. Kostas Manolas (Max Ovr.92)

Part 1/2 Napoli’s Defence, I truly feel PES got his rating wrong. He is a great Defender with 88 Speed and 85 Accelartaion and all of his defensive stats are above 90. Also, he has all the skills required for a defender. He lacks passing skills with most of his passing stats around 70.

4. Matthijs de Ligt (Max Ovr.96)

Best Black Ball centre backs in PES- M. De. Light

Most of you guys will think why De Light is at 4th Place even though his max overall rating is 96? His Stats are 96 Defensive Awareness, 96 Ball Winning, 96 Jump, 95 Physical Contact and he also has a decent Speed of 85, 3 Weak Foot Usage, and 3 Accuracy. Even though he has the best stats, but from my experience, I had better or on par Performance from CB rated lower than him. When it comes to his featured Version the story changes. He also lacks Acrobatic Clear Skill which helps to take full usage of a player’s 3 Weak Foot Usage and Accuracy.

3. Kalidou Koulibaly (Max Ovr.93)

Best Black Ball centre backs in PES- K. Koulibaly

The Tallest Player in the list with a height of 195cm and stats like 99 Physical contact, 96 Defensive Awareness, 95 Ball winning, and 94 Aggression*. With decent Heading and Jump of 91, he makes a solid player. What he lacks is Acrobatic Clear, and has a low Acceleration of 81. His passing stats are also low.

2. Sergio Ramos (Max Ovr.94)/ Gerard Piqué (Max Ovr.95)

Spot number two is a tie. This is because it is hard to choose one between them. Ramos has a low height of 184 But makes up with 98 Jump, 96 Heading, 95 Aggression, 94 Ball winning, and has a great variety of skill set. On the other hand, Pique has 194 Height, 97 Defensive Awareness, 95 Heading, 96 Ball Winning, and better-passing stats. Both of them have a Form of 7. However, both of them lack speed and acceleration which is required for their playstyle. Pique also lacks Acrobatic Clear.

1. Virgil van Dijk (Max Ovr. 96)

Best Black Ball centre backs in PES- Van Dijk

Everybody must have already guessed that Van Dijk will occupy the 1st position. With one of the highest-rated base CB, his stats do real Justice to the rating. He has stats like 97 Physical Contact, 98 Defensive Awareness, 96 Ball Winning, 94 Heading, and 93 Jump. Van Dijk is the only Black Ball CB with Form 8 and has all the skills required for a CB. He has passing skills which also benefits a player. Van Dijk makes a perfect CB but he could have had better Speed and Accelarttin stats.

Honourable Mentions

M. Hummels(Max ovr. 93)(Only For Console/PC), M. Skrinar (Max Ovr. 94), S. Umtiti (Max Ovr. 93), Marquinhos (Masx Ovr.93), and L. Hernandez (Max Ovr. 93).


*Too Much Aggression can cause un-necessary tackles and un-necessary Cards.
*Optimal required skills by a Centre Back:- Man Marking, Interception, Acrobatic Clear, Heading.
*All the Base Balck Balls are worth a try and is not bad, And All Players on Honourable Mentions Deserves a spot on Top 10.

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